Amerimold Connects Kicks off with Tool Shop Live Demo of a High-Level Hot Runner Mold PM

The reason we are kicking off the event with this topic is because at the heart of making things is the mold, and since the mold impacts every link in the supply chain—OEM/brand owner toolrooms, molding facilities and mold building shops—mold maintenance is vital. So we felt it’s only appropriate to kick off this event with a “virtual” hands-on look at a proper hot runner preventative maintenance routine.


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Tool Shop Live! Demo on June 9 at 9 am EST will kick off Amerimold Connects! Partnering exhibitors include Mold Trax, ToolingDocs, Die Sep, Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales, ID Additives, Smart Attend and Cold Jet.

During this LIVE session on June 9 at 9am EST, Mold Trax President Steve Johnson and Global Assessment and Training Manager Glenn Keith will show preventative maintenance in action with an actual PM on a hot runner mold. They’ll walk you through the essential stages of repair while demo’ing a few sophisticated technology solutions that have lifted PM to a higher level of efficiency and accuracy. 

They will discuss several common mold and part defects and the related corrective actions. The demonstration will also showcase the ways in which the products from each Tool Shop Live! exhibitor fit into the PM process as well as their importance to safe, accurate and efficient mold cleaning and repair. Specific areas highlighted during the demonstration include general shop layout suggestions (bench design, spacing, lighting and necessary shop equipment), preparation (Industry 4.0 or scientific maintenance), disassembly (safety, technique, troubleshooting, data), corrective actions (required skills), cleaning (safety, efficiency, assembly), final check (eliminating mistakes) and staging (storage). 

During LIVE sessions you can use the Chat Box to ask questions that presenters will answer during a Q&A session. Then after each session feel free to continue the conversation in our Moldmaking Community Forum (chat room).

LIVE sessions are being recorded, so you can watch them with our other On-Demand content throughout show week.

Amerimold Connects is a five-day online event with scheduled LIVE demonstrations and presentations with Q&A, an extensive searchable menu of on demand content, a forum for networking and continuing Q&A and conversations and exhibitor technology showrooms.

All of this you can access from your shop or home office computer when you have or can make the time.  But no matter how you stream it or view it, be sure to SHARE it! (I’m actually hoping that some of you (who have returned to work) are able to gather together in your lunchrooms or conference rooms to take some of this content in as group).