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Bottom Line: Personal Goodwill Indicates the Value of a Mold Shop for Sale
Carefully evaluating corporate and personal assets uncovers opportunities for significant tax savings when selling a mold business.


The Bottom Line: Identifying the Value Drivers for a Mold Shop
Paying attention to the basic value drivers that promote sustainable growth helps mold shops build value in their businesses.

The Bottom Line: Tax Incentives When Replacing Old Equipment
Tax items to consider when selling old equipment and replacing it with new equipment.

The Bottom Line: New Rules for S Corporations Offer Flexibility with Profit Taxes
The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (PATH Act) permanently shortened the S Corporation “built-in gain holding period,” making it more attractive for corporations to elect status as an S Corporation and the treatment that such a status incurs.  This gives mold shops more flexibility as to how they are taxed on their profits and the eventual sale or transition of their businesses.

Segmented map of the United States showing state borders.

The Bottom Line: Income Tax Nexus: Are You Protected?
Companies engaging in certain activities across state lines create a tax nexus, meaning that the company must pay income taxes in those states.

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The Bottom Line: Increase Your Retirement Investments Value
Strategies to increase your Roth 401(k) for retirement.

Mold Builders

The Bottom Line: An R&D Tax Credit Update
This credit seems to be the most significant way a mold builder can reduce its income tax liabilities.

The Bottom Line: New IRS Audit Strategy
This strategy focuses on 13 issues that the agency believes will generate the most tax revenue. Here are the three most relevant ones to mold builders.

Stake Your Claim with R&D Tax Credits
It’s tax time. Are you getting all you can from the R&D Tax Credit for your business?

ASC 606

The Bottom Line: Changes to Revenue Recognition Requirements
Once effective, the ASC 606 standard will replace about 180 pieces of industry and transaction-specific rules under U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

The Bottom Line: Hiring Tax Incentives
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a voluntary employment tax incentive program sponsored by the federal government since 1978.

The Bottom Line: Correcting Errors on Income Tax Returns
Any company can make mistakes when filling out a tax return, but sometimes those mistakes can work in your favor.

The Bottom Line: Hire a Veteran!
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit provides an incentives for hiring former members of the armed services.

The Bottom Line: Weathering the State Tax Nexus Storm
Under this concept, a company has sufficient physical presence in a state for that state to subject that company to taxes.

The Bottom Line: A Method to the Tax Madness
Every shop must adopt a method of accounting for activities within its business, and cash and accrual methods are two commonly used ones.

The Bottom Line: Tax Extenders Package
The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 retroactively extended many important tax provisions and modified others.

New Property Regulations - Capitalization vs. Expense
Federal and state income tax compliance can be a burden for mold builders. The tax code and related guidance changes daily, creating both opportunities and exposure. This series aims to provide industry-specific guidance to help mold builders minimize these burdens within the letter of the law.

New Regulatory Impacts
New guidelines from the U.S. Treasury may affect when moldmakers can claim the R&D tax credit.

Tax Benefits from Manufacturing in the U.S.
The IRS has issued recent guidance related to the domestic production activities deduction (DPAD) that may be particularly favorable to moldmakers.

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