Milling Machine is Compact and Thermo-Symmetrical for Moldmaking

Originally titled 'Milling Machine is Compact and Thermo-Symmetrical '
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Zimmermann is introducing a compact and thermo-symmetrical gantry milling machine for
prototype, tool and moldmaking.


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With the FZU, Zimmermann Inc. is featuring an extremely compact universal machine for prototype, mold and tool making. The FZU is a compact five-axis gantry milling machine that features thermo-symmetrical design and accuracy and is optimized for weight and stability, thereby providing maximum productivity in an entry-level machine. According to the company, it is following the trend toward modern manufacturing machines and designing its FZ line as space-saving, pre-assembled units that can be installed without constructing foundations. The company will also be displaying the new VH10 milling head, which will replace the VH12, and is the smallest head in the range. With its slender design, there are minimal interference contours, and compared to the VH12, it achieves almost double the clamping force due to the fact that it fits two side cheeks versus one, offering considerably more stability.






Zimmermann Inc.

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