Amerimold 2019 Attendees: Map Your Show to Maximize Your Time



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You have two days to see more than 200 exhibitors, see demos, attend technical presentations and a workshop. How? Map Your Show.

Too often, opportunities are missed by attendees because they are not properly prepared to walk the exhibit hall and soak everything in. I’d like to offer a few tips that should help attendees make the most of their visit to THE 20th Annual Event for Mold Making.

Do your homework. By homework, I mean block out some time to review the Amerimold website, where you will find an abundance of great information that will make your visit to the show much more productive. Consider taking these steps while visiting amerimoldexpo.com:

  1. Check out the floor plan. Click on “Floor Plan” in the home page menu to familiarize yourself with the layout of the event. It changes every other year because Amerimold switches locales every year. Mouse over the floor plan or “zoom up” on it to see all the exhibitors and their locations.
  2. Click on Exhibitors to learn more about them and what they will be featuring in the way of products and services for moldmakers and molders, too. Several exhibitors have posted photos and videos in addition to the standard details, so it is worth clicking around to see what you can find of interest.
  3. Use the My Show Planner app. You’ll find it in the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen on the floor plan web page. Register to use it and set a password, then you are ready to go and select exhibitors you want to be sure to visit. Note the blue star in a circle next to each exhibitor listing (after you click on the exhibitors in the floor plan you will see it at right). Click on that star to add the exhibitor to your event planner.
  4. Search for specific exhibitors by using the Keyword search function in the floor plan. You can search according to several criteria, including by exhibitor, product category, booth number, featured exhibitors and even by state and country.
  5. Note special or important areas within the floor plan, such as the Tech Talk Theater, workshop locations and the new Tool Shop Live! Pavilion. You’ll see several more blogs about programs happening in each area, so check back here, on moldmakingtechnology.com frequently. Be sure to leave time to attend sessions that are of interest – Amerimold may be small, but it is mighty when it comes to valuable, technical programs and experts who can help attendees find the answers.

If you receive MoldMaking Technology Magazine in the mail (and we hope you do), you may have noticed that some featured content has a special Amerimold marker on it. Those markers are signaling readers about the various companies who will be exhibiting and/or presenting at Amerimold. What a great way for readers to get a deeper dive into topics of interest prior to the show – and then be able to meet with the authors or their fellow experts at the show!

Watch for more tips here, and see you at Amerimold!