Paperless Parts, Online Metals Partner to Deliver On-Demand Materials Pricing

Paperless Parts, an ITAR-compliant, cloud-based platform, announces that it has partnered with Online Metals.


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Paperless Parts, an ITAR-compliant, cloud-based platform, announces that it has partnered with Online Metals. Through this partnership, Paperless Parts will combine its understanding of how part geometry drives materials selection with Online Metals’ instant materials pricing to provide engineers and custom part manufacturers with the ability to streamline one of the first steps in every quoting process – materials pricing, a significant pain point that slows the quoting process. Online Metals will provide its customers who sign up for Paperless Parts with access to this tool free for one year.

Manufacturers have historically focused on the efficient delivery of their products, not the frontend processes that are critical to business success. But as the world becomes increasingly digital, job shops have had to keep pace – and for many, that means improving their quoting capabilities. However, this shift has been stalled by two critical components of the quoting process: the ability to quickly determine the required amount and price of materials to manufacture the part.

By integrating Online Metals’ materials expertise with Paperless Parts’ patent-pending technology, Paperless Viewer, estimators will have access to a powerful engineering tool that analyzes part manufacturability, allowing estimators to deliver more accurate, comprehensive quotes with the right pricing in minutes, rather than days or weeks. Not only does this solution address key challenges related to selecting and pricing raw metals, but through the Paperless Viewer users have access to an engineering tool that also analyzes part manufacturability. With this tool, they can now answer another key question in the quoting process: “Can I make these parts?”

Using the Paperless Viewer, engineers and custom part manufacturers will have the ability to view and securely store all 2D and 3D CAD file formats; calculate optimal materials requirements for every job and get instant pricing and purchasing options from Online Metals; determine if a part is manufacturable based on configurable thresholds; and, securely and digitally chat with teams and share design feedback with customers.

To learn more about this partnership, visit paperlessparts.com/onlinemetals.