Mold-Masters Adopts Corporate Vision for 2012

Sets 2012 corporate vision, puts executive team in place and launches new website.


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Mold-Masters has adopted a vision for the year 2012 and beyond that puts it in the forefront of all suppliers of hot-runners and related molding equipment for high-precision and high-speed applications. Mold-Masters’ vision is to provide the ultimate in melt delivery and control systems, offering technology that lowers overall costs and strengthens a molder's business.

"In all our years in business, it has never been our practice at Mold-Masters to take the easy path in product development. We make the best, not the easiest. We're game changers in the industry," says Bruce Catoen, Mold-Masters Chief Technology Officer and VP, Business Development.

INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE TEAM DEPLOYED: With a highly skilled executive and engineering team in place, Mold-Masters has positioned itself to move forward toward its goal of providing the best technology and service in the business. The team behind the technology is internationally experienced and motivated to serve a high-tech clientele with demanding applications. Three international area presidents, overseeing business in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, reporting to Bill Barker, overall President and CEO.

Prior to Mold-Masters, Barker has over 20 years experience leading global high-tech manufacturing companies. Barker has held leadership positions at Rexam, OEA Automotive Safety Products, and the Commercial Solutions Group of Textron Fastening Systems. In addition to his roles at Mold-Masters, Bill serves on the board of directors of Huhtamäki, a major consumer packaging company traded on the NASDAQ in Europe. Bill holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA.

INTERNATIONAL REGION PRESIDENTS: Ms. Ling An-Heid, President, Mold-Masters Asia is responsible for China, Singapore, Japan, Korea and South Asia. After working at the company's Canadian facility she relocated to China, becoming General Manager of the Kunshan facility when it opened. An-Heid took a Bachelor of Science degree in Plastics Mechanical Engineering from the Beijing Chemical University.

Patrick Bennett is President, Mold-Masters Europe, which in addition includes responsibility for managing the Middle East, Africa, and India. Bennett was formerly Executive Vice President based in Canada. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA.

Mike Cybulski, President, Mold-Masters Americas, is responsible for both North and South America. Cybulski was formerly President and CEO of Festo USA, a global automation supplier. He also worked in automation and high end manufacturing while at Automation Tooling Systems (ATS) in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

CORPORATE DEVELOPMENTS: The European team acts as the Global Engineering headquarters, leading Mold-Masters' worldwide engineering offices in Germany, Canada, China and India. Mold-Masters recently initiated a comprehensive product management project that will provide global CAD/CAM standards. Responsible for the project is Hans Hagelstein, President, Global Engineering. Hagelstein was previously General Manager of Mold-Masters Germany. Hagelstein holds an Engineering degree from Fachhochschule Wurzberg and a Business degree from Business Management School in Betriebswirt.

Moving forward into 2012, the manufacturing and service team in Baden-Baden will be expanded to include new machinery and production cells for hot half plates and auxiliary equipment.

Further investments are planned for Mold-Masters China, with the recent grand opening of the expansion completed in 2011. The expansion added 68,000 square feet of manufacturing space, an investment of over $20M with further spending on machinery upgrades planned in 2012. This growth will help to meet capacity requirements for the local Asian market.

NEW WEB SITE LAUNCHED, CUSTOMER CENTRIC INTERFACE: Mold-Masters has dramatically redesigned its website to focus on an improved flow of knowledge and information to website users. The newly designed website is easy to use and highly informative. "Our new, cleaner, and more user friendly website focuses on the needs of our customers," says Michael Ellis, Director, Marketing and Sales Support for Mold-Masters. "We responded to industry demands for a more streamlined website. Customers around the world can now easily use Mold-Masters knowhow to solve their hot-runner problems." Please visit the website at www.moldmasters.com to learn about recent Mold-Masters developments and st! ay up to date on news related to the upcoming NPE 2012 event in Orlando, Florida.

About Mold-Masters (2007) Limited Mold-Masters Limited is the global leader in hot runner technology. The company has invested heavily in research and development with more than 900 granted and pending international patents. Mold-Masters designs and manufactures the plastic industry's most advanced hot runner systems, temperature controllers and complete hot-half solutions. Its support network spans more than 40 countries, with facilities in North America, South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.