Throwback Thursday: Education and Training Triumphs

This throwback Thursday feature is about our 2013 Leadtime Leaders, Tech Mold, Micro Mold and Plastikos, and their apprenticeship programs.
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The skills gap affects the future of every skilled trade in our industry. Some companies are faring better than others, but I have yet to talk to a top manager or business owner who says they got it all figured out. Our workforce is aging and has been for many years, and as they retire they are taking all that tribal knowledge with them because there aren’t enough young people stepping in to learn and eventually take their places.

The good news is that, despite the lack of governmental support and mechanical engineering programs offered at high schools and colleges nationwide, companies have taken the initiative upon themselves to do what it takes to find and train the next generation. This throwback Thursday feature is about our 2013 Leadtime Leaders, Tech Mold a Flextronics company, Micro Mold and Plastikos, Inc., and their apprenticeship programs.

Take a moment to read about Education and Training Triumphs, and be sure to watch in November for my feature about the unique and varied ways other mold manufacturing companies are blazing their own workforce development trails.