Technology Tuesday: Cover Shots

Cruise through this slideshow to see some of the companies and technologies that have graced the cover of MoldMaking Technology magazine in 2016 and 2017.


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Have you ever wondered how to get your company or technology on the cover of MoldMaking Technology magazine? Our features investigate trending technology, processes, products or equipment, or they look at a shop’s successful strategies or worthwhile investments. Our coverage images often draw from those pieces. This week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow gives you a sample of some of the covers we have had over the past two years, with links to the cover shots’ corresponding articles in the captions.

MoldMaking Technology magazine has long been the magazine that is by the industry and for the industry. The magazine gives moldmaking professionals an opportunity to educate, share wisdom and promote their shops or companies. If you are interested in being a bigger part of MoldMaking Technology, be sure to check out Editorial Director Christina Fuges’s November 2017 editor’s note. She breaks down the coverage opportunities that are available to get your brain moving on how you and your company might get more involved. If you are already brimming with ideas, or if you have questions about the participation process, reach out to us on the Contact page. Cheers!