Mold Maintenance and Repair Digital Edition Is Here

In this fourth annual Mold Maintenance and Repair Supplement, MMT has teamed up with the editors of sister publication Plastics Technology to provide tips and techniques, insights, and best practices aimed at keeping your molds humming and your customers happy.


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Welcome to the 2016 digital edition of Mold Maintenance & Repair. This edition focuses on taking mold maintenance and repair to the next level. In this issue, you'll discover how true preventive maintenance lies in accurately monitoring and counting issues and corrective actions over time; get a handle on how equipping a toolroom for proper mold maintenance and repair takes more than just the right technology; learn how a combination of micro-TIG and laser welding technology should cover all your bases in mold repair; see how a diagnostic device helps molders simply check hot runner cables to ensure connectivity; and, read the words to live by when it comes to upping your maintenance and repair game.

Click here for access to the digital edition.