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Motivating Skilled Toolroom Craftsmen
Steve Johnson, president of MoldTrax, has a lot to say about mold maintenance. So much so, that we could not fit it all into his February "Maintenance Matters" column. Here are some extra pointers that didn't make the cut, but are just as important.

TBT: Building a Better Mold
A look at mold performance and maintenance issues through a few simple reports in the right sequence will allow you to drill down into what the issues are really costing you.

Maintenance Matters: It's the Manager's Fault
Improving worker engagement starts with leadership at the manager level or, in our case, the toolroom manager.

Throwback Thursday: The Black Art
With my mold maintenance champion returning to the pages of MMT next month with his new "Maintenance Matters" series, I thought I'd revisit the start of his original series with us back in 2004.

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Mold Maintenance, Repair and Surface Treatment
If you've been searching for solutions to help your molds run as optimally as possible, this slideshow is for you.

Throwback Thursday: Defining the Data Barrier
How to best organize data responsibilities in a maintenance system.

Mold Maintenance Software Now in Cloud Platform
Designed for tracking the performance and maintenance of molds and dies, MoldTrax software is now available in a cloud-based platform, enabling maintenance managers and technicians to more easily report, store and access critical data through virtually any internet-connected device.

Do Scheduled PMs Really Work?
True preventive maintenance lies in accurately monitoring and counting issues and corrective actions over time.

Throwback Thursday: Setting Up Shop [for Proper Mold Maintenance]
It can’t be said enough how important proper, systemized mold maintenance is to the overall productivity of molds.

Getting Started with Hot Runner Maintenance
Developing basic cleaning and repair skills among in-house technicians should be the goal of every shop that runs hot runner systems.

Common Sense Innovation and Moldmaker Collaboration
As I walked the aisles of NPE last month, taking in all the plastics-related technologies and solutions on display, two obvious trends emerged: logical innovation and moldmaker collaboration.

Case Study: Mold Maintenance & Repair
Certified Mold Maintenance System Completes Service Offerings


To Rail or Not to Rail
One of the most interesting parts of performing a maintenance capability assessment (MCA) in mold plants around the globe is observing the different styles practiced when repair technicians work on molds. When talking to repair techs about why they like a particular method or tool it is easy to see why they would think there is only one way to do things. It’s simply how they were taught by the older, tenured repair technicians.

Chart 1

Detecting Water Flow Restrictions
A look at how taking the time and data to analyze a mold problem will help you repair it right—and permanently—the first time.

Chart 1

Building a Better Mold
A look at mold performance and maintenance issues through a few simple reports in the right sequence will allow you to drill down into what the issues are really costing you.

Mold Cloning—Isn’t This Illegal?
As tempting as it is, cloning is seldom a good idea unless the DNA has come from a proven, reliable performer in the press that also has been well thought out from behind the bench.

Manual has the repair W/Os

Maintenance Manuals That Work
Organized maintenance manuals can offer an advantage that electronic data does not.

Determining Maximum Mold Cycle Counts
Ongoing data collection and visual inspection of tooling and parts is the only method that will allow you to balance maximizing tooling life, production capability and mold reliability.

Acquiring Maintenance Discipline
Maintenance discipline is just as much a factor of our working environment as it is our individual character that controls an internal drive toward performance excellence.

Maintenance Supervisors: What You Should Know
To better understand what a toolroom supervisor needs to improve mold performance and maintenance efficiency, we need to further understand their challenges and job responsibilities.

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