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Key Factors in Successful Hard Milling

Careful consideration of the entire machining system will improve milling of hardened steels.

"Rule of Thumb" vs. Engineered Lock Selection

A guide that applies engineering principles is designed to help engineers select properly sized alignment components.

Taper Angles and Wire EDM

Software can help compensate for excessive erosion during taper cutting with wire EDM.

The Economics of Metric

Why pay extra for inches when world economics is moving the U.S. into the metric age. Will this motivate the U.S. to convert in the next two years?

Direct Side Gating

Mold builders and molders should carefully consider hot runner selection, as it dramatically impacts an injection molding system’s speed, quality and uptime.

Pellet 2 Part

Designing a Better Heat Exchanger - Part 3

In part three of our three-part sub-series on mold water cooling systems, we review the impact a water system can have on mold performance and part quality.

From The Editor

Common Ground

Everyone in the supply chain wins when expertise and knowledge about mold manufacturing is shared.

EAB Insight

Common Sense Manufacturing

This business philosophy focuses on reducing waste and can be applied everywhere in a mold shop to help improve a business' performance.

Your Business

Tax Benefits from Manufacturing in the U.S.

The IRS has issued recent directives related to the domestic production activities deduction (DPAD) that may be particularly favorable to moldmakers.

MoldMaking Business Index

Total MBI for August 2015:



From Camera Assembly to Full-Service Medical Manufacturing

Having already made a significant mark on the mold manufacturing sector, Canon Virginia is setting its sights even higher.

Case Study

Cutter Sets New Standard for Heavy Hogging

A recent roughing application shattered this moldmaker’s expectations about the stability of a large face mill in long-reach contouring operations.

End Market Report

Consumer Goods and Medical

Consumer goods production should grow, while medical equipment production continues to slow.

Tip of the Month

Design Out the Effects of Gravity with Mold Orientation

Gravity will have very little influence over the majority of injection-molded plastic parts, but under the right conditions, it can certainly alter the filling of a mold and the resultant part quality.

Product Focus

CAM Software Adds Automatic Mirroring of Multiple Tool Paths

The main enhancement to the 2016 version of Delcam’s PowerMill programming software for five-axis and high-speed machining is the ability to mirror complete machining projects in one operation and to automatically maintain the machining characteristics.

High-Speed Z-Axis Head Enhances Efficiency in Large Sinker EDM Applications

Available on all Makino EDNC-Series sinker EDM machines, the HS-Rib high-speed Z-axis technology is designed for improved speed, lower electrode wear and more uniform finishes in large sinker EDM processes.

Sinker EDM Features Integrated Rotary Toolchanger

The automated AgieCharmilles Form 20 iRTC sinker EDM from GF Machining Solutions features an integrated rotary toolchanger to boost part-processing flexibility while increasing the capability for continuous, unattended production.

Hydraulic Expansion Toolholders Provide Variety of Benefits

Schunk offers hydraulic expansion toolholders and arbors for high-precision applications in milling, boring, turning, grinding, mounting, inspection and balancing.

Large Injection Molding Machines Suited for Complex Applications

Milacron Holdings Corp.’s Maxima and Maxima G Series multi-component injection molding machines are well-suited for producing multi-color automotive lenses or for other complex molding applications.

Blind Hole Taps Handle Tough Stainless Steel

TC142 blind hole taps from Walter are specifically designed for machining ISO M stainless steels, which have high levels of toughness and often lead to breakage of standard tools, the company says.

Viewing App Displays Synchronized CNC Processes Simultaneously

Okuma’s online App Store ( is offering Delcam’s PartMaker Multi-Channel Viewer app, which aligns multi-channel CNC programs side by side for immediate viewing.

Wire EDMs Include User-Friendly Control

The SLN-G Series of wire EDMs from Sodick includes a user-friendly control that can be used in classic mode or tablet mode, enabling the individual operator to manipulate the control in the way that is most comfortable.

Lightweight Key Bar Chucks Offer Application Flexibility

Among the workholding products Rohm will showcase at EMO 2015 are its Duro-TA XT key bar chucks, which were designed with weight reduction, workpiece accessibility and application flexibility in mind.

Jig Grinding Head Complements Hard Milling

Among the products the Hardinge Grinding Group will display at EMO 2015 are a Hauser jig grinding head designed for increased performance and productivity, as well as higher machining accuracy.

Software Enhancements Designed to Simplify CNC Simulation

CGTech’s Vericut 7.4 includes a variety of enhancements designed to further simplify the process of simulating a CNC machine.

Workholding Pallet Options Include 4-Pin and Manual Versions

Jergens Inc. offers a range of pallet solutions, including a four-pin pallet and a manual version of its Zero Point System (ZPS).

Extrusion Head Requires No Fastening Hardware

The Bullet extrusion head from Guill Tool features a fixed-center design, multi-port spiral-flow design, and gum space adjustment, as well as no fastening hardware, which is said to ease and speed cleaning and restarting.

App-Based Control Software Offers Simplified Machine Operability

DMG MORI will unveil the latest version of its Celos app-based control and operating software package at EMO 2015, as well as a PC version.

Solid Carbide Drill Features Multi-Purpose Geometry

Combining a multi-purpose geometry with advanced coating technology, the solid carbide Universal Drill from Seco Tools subsidiary Niagara Cutter is designed to provide reliable, predictable tool life and low cost per hole, especially in high-volume production environments.

Twin-Probe System Follows “Pay-as-you-Go” Usage Model

Renishaw has introduced a “pay-as-you-go” machine tool probe system that features lower upfront costs, a free training package and immediate parts replacement.

Submerged Wire EDM Offers Large Capacity, Flexibility

The AccuteX AU-1440iA Z800 submerged wire EDM from Absolute Machine Tools is designed to process both large and small parts with accuracy and speed.

Laser Sintering System Processes Range of Metals

Farsoon Technologies’ FS271M metal laser sintering system, available from Varia 3D, can process a wide range of metals, including reactive alloys.

CAM Solution Adds More Efficient Finishing Strategy

Open Mind Technologies will offer a preview of the upcoming release of version 2016.1 of its hyperMill CAM solution at EMO 2015.

Hybrid Wire Improves EDM Machining Quality, Cleanliness

MC Machinery Systems’ ZT hybrid wire for EDMing features a baked-on external zinc layer for increased speed over conventional brass wire, improved accuracy and surface finish, and clean cutting.

Robot Automation Adds to HMC Functionality

At this year’s EMO event, Handtmann A-Punkt Automation GmbH will present a robot-based automation solution for its HBZ Trunnion 80 five-axis horizontal machining center.


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