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A Modern Moldmaking Trend

Moldmakers continue to pursue adding processing capabilities—whether for sampling or production molding. One shop’s journey spells out all the required investments.

The Data-Driven Operation

Manufacturing is a team effort involving suppliers, tool shops and customers throughout the world collaborating and sharing project data.

Flexible High-Speed Mold Machining

Use this planning guide to identify the right double-column machining center to fit your mold machining needs.

Simplify Mold Machining

Use true five-axis simultaneous machining for your molds and inserts.

The Three Ts of "Growing Your Own"

It takes a team, tours and training to develop a feeder system that attracts and keeps a young talent pool.

Hot Manifold Repair: What’s so Tough about it?

Maintaining a typical hot runner system takes mold maintenance skills to the next level.

Laser Texturing Proves Automotive Potential

A cosmetic interior tooling application in North America could spell a brighter future for a process that promises savings throughout the supply chain.

Pellet 2 Part

The Pellet Enters the Melt Delivery System

Choosing a hot or cold runner system is a decision for the molder and moldmaker that must balance the processing window with budget and time.

From The Editor

Making a Difference

It started with the knowledge that the industry we cover makes a difference in people’s lives every day. Then came the idea.

EAB Insight

Maximize Your Marketing

Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) Insight

Your Business

Know Your Borrowing Options

Growing shops need two lenders to maintain profit margin: a bank and an equipment leasing company.

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Total MBI for January 2015



Flexibility, Low Overhead Seed Sustainable Success

Robotics, cross-training and efficient use of available floorspace help this shop adapt to the ebb and flow of business.

Case Study

Enhanced Precision Drives Extreme Transition

A machine that reduces the need for recutting and benchwork laid the foundation for this shop’s shift from mold maker to mold manufacturer.

EDM Upgrades Enable Faster, Smarter Burns

Intuitive operation, “intelligent” control features, energy savings and raw performance were among the factors driving this shop’s choice of new sinker and wire EDM machines.

End Market Report

Electronics and Consumer Goods

Electronics poised for a rebound; consumer goods production also should improve in 2015.

Tip of the Month

A Low-Maintenance Approach to Mold Care

Molds are subjected to a variety of strains during the molding process. For them to function as they were designed to and consistently produce quality parts, a regular schedule of maintenance is required.

Product Focus

Moldmaker Specializes in Multi-Cavity Tools

Dynamic Tool & Design specializes in close tolerance, multi-cavity injection molds for the packaging, personal care and healthcare industries.

Tilting Table Enables Mold Repositioning on Spotting Press

Millutensil spotting presses feature a specially designed tilting table that allows a mold to be repositioned from 0 to 180 degrees without it having to be removed from the press, as it would on a traditional spotting press.

Free App Featured With Variety of Mold Component Products

Hasco will present a variety of additions to its standard metric mold base plate and component product range, as well as its new downloadable app for Android and Apple devices.

Automated Molding Cells Designed for Flexibility

Extreme Tool and Engineering will showcase “unbundling” of the automation development process, offering flexible automated systems to meet molder and OEM needs.

Molds to be Used in Collaborative Demonstrations

Crest Mold Technology is collaborating on processing demonstrations with developers from Milacron, Single, Contura, ICS Laser, MoldMasters, DME, RJG and Trexel MuCell, as well as material suppliers.

Mini Hydraulic Valve Gate Cylinder Offers Closer Gate Spacing

Incoe Corp. offers its HEM miniature hydraulic valve gate cylinder, which allows closer spacing of gating points and creates enough space for supply lines as well.

Mold Cleaners Approved for Food-Related Applications

Slide Products will showcase four mold cleaners that are newly registered NSF, a continuation of the USDA approval program for products used in plastics processing for food applications.

Hybrid Press Combines High Speeds with Energy Efficiency

Engel will introduce to the North American market its e-speed 720 US injection molding machine, which features an all-electric clamping unit and an energy recovery system, combining high injection speeds with maximum energy efficiency.

Production Cells to Highlight Injection Molding

Arburg will present several examples of its injection molding and additive manufacturing technologies, including five Allrounder machines and two Freeformers. Five additional Allrounder injection molding machines will be featured in partner booths.

Laser Machine Performs Five-Axis Texturing

GF Machining Solutions will demonstrate its Laser 1000 5Ax machine, which uses a fully digital process to perform high-precision five-axis texturing and engraving operations for molds with complex part designs.

Moldmaker Offers Range of Services

A-1 Tool offers high-speed CNC machining centers, automation and in-house engineering.

AMBA Offers Mold Manufacturers Variety of Services

The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) represents approximately 230 member companies in the U.S. mold manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Cell to Demonstrate In-Mold Assembly

MGS Mfg. Group will present several technologies, including demonstrating a three-shot in-mold-assembled closure/cap manufacturing cell.

Vertical Molding Machine to Demo Two-Cavity Micro Application

Plustech Inc., the North American branch of Sodick’s IMM Division, will introduce three new models: the HC03VRE micro vertical molding machine, the LP20EH3 micro horizontal molding machine, and GL series mid-size horizontal molding machine.

Steelworks Features Melt, Forge, Heat-Treat Operations

A. Finkl and Sons Co., part of the Schmolz + Bickenbach group, is a fully integrated producer of forgings, operating a state-of-the-art steelworks that houses a melt, forge and heat-treat facility complimented by expanded machining operations.

Horizontal Machine Adds FDA-Approved Grease Supply System

Niigata will introduce the seventh generation of its all-electric MD110S7000 horizontal injection molding machine, which features an FDA-approved grease supply system that decreases risk of parts contamination in medical cleanroom and food-grade applications.

Variable Hot Runner System Offers Flexibility

Ewikon will introduce the HPS III-FleX variable hot runner solution, which enables the same hot runner system to be used for several molds.

Company Customizes Injection Molding Solutions

Westminster Tool will highlight its commitment to providing its customers with fully integrated solutions that help bring high-quality products to market faster.

New Mold Steel Grades Introduced

Bohler-Uddeholm Corp. will feature two new mold steels: ThruHard Supreme, developed by Buderus Edelstahl, and Mirrax 40, developed by Uddeholms AB.

System to Demonstrate PET Preform Manufacturing

Husky Injection Molding Systems will demonstrate its HyPET HPP5 injection molding system for PET preform manufacturing, which will be running ShotScope NX, an integrated process and production monitoring system that provides a real-time snapshot of information to help optimize overall factory efficiency.

Firm Offers Program Management for Molding, Thermoset and Die Casting

JMMS has evolved from a tool and die shop into an engineering and manufacturing enterprise, offering total program management for injection molding, thermoset and die casting.

Injection Molding Machines Showcase Range of Clamping Forces

Boy Machines will have nine injection molding machines in full operation, showcasing its full clamping force range, from the small XS with 11 tons of clamping force to its largest injection molding machine, the 100 E, with a clamping force of 110 tons.

Molding Work Cells to Include Automation and Auxiliary Equipment

Wittmann Battenfeld will feature six injection molding work cells with integrated robots, automation, material handling and auxiliary equipment, as well as extrusion-related machinery and auxiliaries.

Micro Welders Repair Molds and Dies

MoldMender micro welders from Rocklin Manufacturing repair plastic injection molds, rubber processing molds, and die-casting molds and steel dies.

Combination Welder Enables Wire and Powder Deposition

The LRS EVO Diode Line combination system for wire and powder deposition welding now features a powder nozzle that enables efficient welding of free and complex outlines, as well as form-close structures from CAD software programs.

Moldmaker Adds Equipment, Capabilities

Industrial Molds continues its expansion with the installation of new equipment purchased last year and plans for an additional $1.4 million in new equipment and plant renovations in 2015.

Internal Valve Gating Operates Inside Molds at High Temps

MHS - Mold Hotrunner Solutions will feature its Rheo-Pro Black Box actuators and iVG internal valve gate nozzles, which can operate directly inside the mold at temperatures ranging to 450°C (850°F) without seal wear or cooling.

Valve Gate Offers Flexible Molding Control

INglass’ HRSFlow hot runner division will display Flexflow, a servo-driven valve gate designed for accurate and flexible control of pressures and flow rates during injection molding.

Booth Will Showcase Plastic Processing Technology

Milacron will demonstrate an array of plastics processing technology in 15 cells that feature brands such as Machinery, Mold-Masters, Uniloy, DME and Cimcool, including the Ferromatik 580 co-injection molding system and Roboshot 165 LSR molding cell.

Components Group Showcases Variety of Technology

The PCIC group of companies will highlight a variety of products at NPE2015.

Mold Component, Hot Runner Product Lines on Display

PCS Co. will display the latest additions to its mold base, mold component, molding supplies and hot runner product lines.

Cell to Demonstrate Thin-Walled Packaging Application

Netstal will produce 44-oz. stadium cups with in-mold labeling (IML) on a hybrid Elion 3200, demonstrating its expertise in thin-walled packaging.

High-Speed Machine to Mold Water Bottle Caps

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag will run an El-Exis SP 420 molding a 29/25 water bottle cap with a tamper-evident band molded by mechanical slides in a 96-cavity hot-runner mold supplied by Plastisud (W7550).

Mold Steels Offer Corrosion Resistance

Schmolz +Bickenbach will feature a variety of mold steels, including Corroplast FM stainless steel, and its lines of Formadur and Sorel Forge SF steels.

Virtual Molding Software Enables Process Evaluation

SigmaSoft Virtual Molding technology from Sigma Plastic Services is designed to evaluate and optimize injection molding processes and molds for increased efficiency, productivity and part quality.

Rack Vertical Lifter Cuts Tool Size

CUMSA will showcase its rack vertical lifter, which is said to significantly reduce tool size and decrease machining.

Production Monitoring System Designed for Plastic Processing

SISE will demonstrate its Cyclades production monitoring system specifically designed for plastic processing.

Cube Mold System to Produce PET Preforms

Foboha GmbH will debut in the U.S. use of its cube mold system to produce PET preforms using Trexel MuCell technology in the oPTI process developed by Plastics Technology Inc. (PTI).

All-Electric Machines Offer Energy Savings, Manufacturing Efficiency

UBE Machinery will showcase two injection molding machines: an all-electric, 950-ton UN950 and a 1,000-ton, full-servo, hydraulic Servomax US1000.

Open Laser-Welding Workstation Handles Variety of Materials

LaserStar Technologies will present its 7800 Series open laser-welding workstation, which is well-suited for tool and die, and injection mold repair, in addition to general welding of large parts.

Technology Produces Lighter-Weight Parts

StackTeck Systems will display a variety of molds and plastic part in its booth, as well as the next generation of its Thin Recess Injection Molding (TRIM) technology for lightweight parts.

Robotic Molding Cell to Produce Two-Color Decorative Container

Negri Bossi North America will exhibit a range of its injection molding technology and solutions, including four of its most popular machine models and several of its Sytrama-brand Cartesian part removal robots in simulated molding cells.

Four Companies Team Up to Produce Small, Complex Part

Mold Craft will team up with Celanese, Sodick and LPKF to mold a vented processor housing, a complex part that simulates a medical device cover, using laser direct structuring (LDS).

Builder Specializes in Medium- to Large-Tonnage Molds

MSI Mold Builders recently completed upgrades to both of its facilities located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Greenville, South Carolina, increasing its lifting, machining and mold sampling capabilities.

Accessory Feeds Material into Molding Machines

M.R. Mold will demonstrate its pneumatic “stuffer box,” capable of pushing 1 lb of material at 1,200 psi into a molding machine.

Mold Base Production Increases Moldmaker Productivity

Mold Base Industries specializes in completely manufacturing mold bases to the point where the moldmaker can simply install the cavities, cores and auxiliary items.

Self-Adhesive Wrap Protects Molds from Corrosion

DMS Co’s booth will include MetalRustGuard, a self -adhesive wrap that protects metal molds from rust and corrosion in virtually any type of climate, including high humidity and marine environments.

Software Maps Polymer’s Molding Characteristics

Beaumont Technologies will introduce Therma-flo R1.1 software for mapping the injection molding characteristics of a polymer melt.

Mold Manufacturer to Speak on 3D Printing, Conformal Cooling

Linear Mold & Engineering uses additive manufacturing and other CAD-based advanced manufacturing technologies and traditional manufacturing to produce metal prototypes and production parts.

Multi-Component Press Features Parallel Injection Units

KraussMaffei will debut for the U.S. market its GXH multi-component injection molding machine, which features two injection units arranged in parallel to guide melt directly into the respective mold halves, reducing the number of dead spots in the hot runner.

Controller Adjust Cooling Systems for Optimum Performance

Frigel’s 3PR is an intelligent controller that automatically adjusts the company’s integrated cooling systems to ensure optimum performance based on ambient temperatures.


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