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Under the Scope: Mold Repair Workflow

These seven steps can help any shop secure an effective mold repair procedure.

Driving Cost Out of the Value Chain

Study reveals cost challenges among the automotive tooling supply chain and recommendations for driving profitable growth.

Improving Sequential Molding

For large injection-molded parts, a servo-driven valve gate system can improve surface finish and part performance.

The Bottom Line: Weathering the State Tax Nexus Storm

Under this concept, a company has sufficient physical presence in a state for that state to subject that company to taxes.

Keeping Up with ISO: A New High-Level Structure, Part 3

Here's a look at Clauses 7.0-10.0 in ISO 9001:2015.

Balancing Act

Consider elements of the entire tooling assembly, including the tool, holder and holder components, to optimize productivity.

From The Editor

Time to Socialize

The use of social media to market services, products and expertise is growing.

MoldMaking Business Index

GBI: Moldmaking for February 2016 - 48.5

Industry shows improvement, spiking to its highest level since contraction began.


Legacy Precision Molds Aims for Ingenuity in Every Job

This Michigan moldmaker strives to deliver quality molds through ingenuity, "nimbleness" and a dose of home-grown integrity.

Case Study

Integrated Software Speeds End-to-End Moldmaking Operations

Cimatron CAD/CAM software from 3D Systems helped PTI Engineered Plastics simplify the flow of its work from design to production.

End Market Report

Appliance and Medical

Increase in housing permits positive for appliance production; medical production could be turning up.

Tip of the Month

Using Data to Improve Mold Performance

An easy way to get a snapshot of how a mold is operating is to run regular mold scans via a hot runner temperature controller.

Product Focus

Post-Coating Treatment Adds Strength to CVD-, PVD-Coated Grades

Iscar offers a variety of grades coated using a combination of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology. The company’s Sumo Tec post-coating treatment is designed to deliver improved strength and wear resistance to carbide grades coated in this way.

Five-Axis VMC Integrates Two-Axis Trunnion Table

Integrated with a two-axis trunnion table, Chevalier Machinery’s QP5X-400 is a 40-taper, high-speed VMC suitable for five-axis simultaneous or 4+1-axis applications in the aerospace, medical and moldmaking industries.

Spray Grease Lubricant Reduces Mold Friction, Sticking

Designed to increase mold production by reducing friction and sticking issues, PCS’ Cera Lube is a white lithium grease lubricant formulated to spray on evenly and set dry.

Gas, Electric Furnaces Used for Preheating Molds

Grieve’s No. 862 and No. 863 furnaces both are currently used for preheating molds.

Laser Applications Lab Offers Expanded Capabilities

Control Micro Systems says it has expanded the capabilities of its laser applications lab to include shorter pulse widths, higher peak power, more wavelengths and more diversified lasers.

Washing, Deburring Systems Customized to Individual Applications

Sugino’s Zippel brand of industrial part washing and deburring systems are custom designed and built to maximize the cleaning quality, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness of each individual application.

Fiber Lasers Suited for Marking Range of Materials

The Y-Series of high-precision fiber marking lasers from Alltec GmbH’s FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving brand is built on a modular platform consisting of nine compact ytterbium lasers spanning power and pulse width ranges.

Compact Marking Station Handles Smaller Batch Sizes

Well-suited for small or medium batch sizes, Trumpf’s TruMark Station 3000 compact marking station can be used to integrate the marking process into production lines.

Rotary Wet Blasting System Handles Damp, Oily Components

Offering both manual and semi-automatic modes of operation, the Model SS-10 SA rotary table wet blast system from Guyson uses abrasive or bead-type media for dustless blast cleaning, descaling, surface preparation and cosmetic finishing of components that may be too damp or oily for dry-blast processing.

Compact Laser Texturing Machines Offer Dual-Laser Heads

GF Machining Solutions has expanded its line of laser texturing solutions with the Laser P 400 three-axis machine and Laser P 400U five-axis machine.


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