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Making the Complex Simple

Tool center point management streamlines five-axis programming and setup.

Design Right the First Time

Simulation of both the induction heating and injection molding processes optimizes cycle time and final part results.

Expanding Aluminum’s Potential

Hard-coating provides a number of benefits that make aluminum tooling an attractive alternative to steel.

The Misunderstood Cutter Path

Normal vectors are not always the best choice for milling complex mold surfaces.

Pellet 2 Part

Designing a Better Heat Exchanger

In a three-part sub-series, we review considerations for mold water cooling systems.

From The Editor

Things are Taking Shape at Amerimold

By that I mean that an expanded focus is forming. One that brings processing into the picture alongside our mix of technologies and strategies for designing, building and maintaining molds.

EAB Insight

Social Media in Manufacturing

#DontBAHa8er. People use the Internet to find what they are looking for, and it is your responsibility to be seen and to remain relevant.

Your Business

Product Cost Management Improves Supplier Negotiation

Certain software tools can help take the guesswork out of the process for both manufacturers and suppliers.

MoldMaking Business Index

Total MBI for March 2015



New Talent, New Services Build on Solid Foundation

At Superior Tooling, scientific mold sampling is a natural extension of a scientific mold manufacturing process. Meanwhile, the company is more excited than ever about a new apprenticeship program.

Case Study

CAD/CAM Upgrades Speed, Simplify Tool Build

A surfacing module and NC template technology are among the software features that help this mold manufacturer unleash the full potential of its equipment and its staff.

An Indispensable Welding Process

Laser equipment is nothing less than essential to performing repairs and engineering changes for this company’s mold-industry customers.

End Market Report

Consumer Goods and Automotive

Consumer goods spending should continue; automotive production should return to growth.

Tip of the Month

Machining 3D Parts

For most of the 3D machining required in moldmaking, there are essentially seven steps necessary to achieve the desired results in terms of shape, finish and cycle time.

Product Focus

Dry Ice Blasting Cleans Molds in Place

The Evolution Line of dry ice blasting equipment from IceTech includes the Xtreme 40 and Elite 20 systems, and allows end users to clean molds in place, preventing potential damage caused by equipment removal and reinstallation.

Added Capabilities Produce Tight-Tolerance Molds

Mold-Tech Inc. specializes in designing and building injection molds for manufacturing precision plastic, metal and silicone components. It will showcase improved capabilities with the addition of a Makino a51 horizontal machining center, Makino U3 wire EDM, in-house laser welding, laser marking and CMM inspection.

Mold Shop Specializes in Graphite Machining

Advanced Mold/EDM Supplies provides precision machining of carbon/graphite for the EDM industry and is a nationwide distributor of EDM consumables such as graphite, filters, wire, end mills and tubing.

Combination Cladding System Includes Powder Nozzle

O.R. Laser’s LRS EVO Diode Line combination system for wire and powder cladding features an optional powder nozzle designed for low-cost and efficient welding of complex outlines.

Components Group Presents Variety of Products

Progressive Components, AST Technology and Roehr Tool Corp. will present a variety of products and services designed to advance mold design and build capabilities, and optimize production.

Compact VMC Designed for Moldmakers

Designed for the moldmaking, tool and die, and medical industries, the compact VM-2 vertical machining center from Haas Automation provides accuracy, rigidity and thermal stability required for high-precision work.

Software Machines Parts That Require No Polishing

CGS North America will demonstrate the ability of the latest version of its CAM-Tool CAD/CAM software to machine a mold or die with minimal to no polishing.

End Mills, Other Technologies on Display

Haimer will showcase a variety of newer products, including Power Mill end mills featuring the company’s Safe-Lock system, which is designed to act as a “seatbelt” to protect against pull-out from the holder.

Grades Suited for EDM and Other Applications

Poco Graphite offers a line of more than 100 grades for use in the EDM, glass-handling, semiconductor and industrial markets.

CAM Upgrades Designed to Ease Programming

Version 24 of the WorkNC CAM solution by Vero Software features multiple upgrades designed to make programming easier, including enhancements to the Rest Material Display function, which has been transformed into an analysis tool that helps CAM programmers reduce machining preparation time.

Wire EDM Provides Higher Rigidity, Thermal Stability

Makino will spotlight its U3 wire EDM, which merges all machine components into a single base structure for improved mechanical rigidity and thermal stability.

Ultrasonic Mold Cleaning Systems Access Tiny Areas

Blue Wave Ultrasonics’ mold utility cleaning systems are designed to remove contamination from mold surfaces, as well as intricacies such as vent paths, ejector pin holes, cooling channels and other tiny areas that are more difficult to access with manual cleaning.

Oil Lubricant Complements Polishing Stones, Abrasive Papers

Boride Engineered Abrasives has expanded its line of mold polishing supplies with Premium Stoning Oil, a petroleum-based lubricant for use with mold and die polishing stones and abrasive papers.

Inkjet Media Creates Flexible 3D Textures

Ikonics Corp. has developed an inkjet media for making stretchable, three-dimensional textures that the company says can accelerate 3D rapid prototyping and moldmaking processes.

Tool-Based Molding Technologies Include Valve Pin Control

Synventive Molding Solutions will feature the latest additions to its activeGate tool-based molding technologies, including nuGate and hGate valve pin positioning options.

End Mills Offer Insert Locking for Stable Machining

Iscar will highlight its Multi-Master solid carbide indexable end mill, which features a smart insert locking mechanism for more stable machining and increased productivity.

Trunnion Lifter Slides Conform to Variety of Rod Angles

SelfLube will feature its line of trunnion lifter slides, which are designed to automatically conform to virtually any lifter-rod angle, reducing machining and build time.

Compact Tool Setter Speeds, Simplifies Setup

Marposs Corp. will introduce its Mida TS30-90 tool setter for machining centers, which features an integrated interface incorporated within its compact body that is designed to speed and simplify setup on the machine tool.

Tools Ease Blank Mounting into Tooling Systems

Graphel Carbon Products will showcase tools and methods to ease mounting of the company’s saw-cut and precision-ground blanks for System 3R, Erowa and custom tooling systems.


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