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In Search of the Infinite Processing Window

Side-action preload can yield zero core movement during injection and help molders achieve a robust molding process.

Tooling Up for Challenging Cuts

To maximize quality and repeatability, you need the right cutting tools, especially in challenging applications. Here’s a guide for selecting tools for high-speed tool paths, tight areas, straight walls and graphite cutting.

Smart Tooling

Combining cavity sensors with hot runner valve gate control yields new applications and greater process gains.

Control the Process to Drive Profitability

Process control technology boosts productivity and profitability through increased throughput of good parts, reduced inspection time and dependable production schedules.

Adding Value with Robotics

A robot may not directly make the final part, but it can add value to the overall process, if its use is properly planned and executed.

Pellet 2 Part

Controlling the Melt Delivery System Heat Source

Understanding the heating systems along the melt delivery path is critical to setting up a robust process and properly diagnosing problems.

From The Editor

The Power of People

Delegation, communication and cooperation are key to maximizing this power.

EAB Insight

The Specialized Approach

Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) Insight

Your Business

Protecting the Multi-Family Business

Not having any plan at all for passing on the family business is a poor plan.

MoldMaking Business Index

Total MBI for February 2015



Structured for Advancement

Production problems at Advanced Mold & Tooling (AMT) might not always be easy to solve, but chances are, they’ll be recognized.

Case Study

High-Feed Face Mills Offer Speed, Versatility

Two new cutters not only improved machining speed at this mold manufacturer, but also showcased the potential of some high-feed tooling for heavier, deeper cuts.

End Market Report

Aerospace and Medical

The aerospace and medical markets are both expected to grow in 2015.

Tip of the Month

Reduce Part Failure with Melt Delivery Science

The best way to determine when naturally balanced, rheological managed and thermally balanced hot runner solutions are required as a single solution is to examine the science behind each approach.

Product Focus

Low-Profile, High-Temp Sensors Available for Side-Action Systems

PFA Inc. has added low-profile proximity (solid-state) and high-temperature (single-pole, double-throw) sensor options for its Kor-Lok side-action systems, enabling cores to be preloaded on molds operating near 400°F (205°C) with confirmation of core locking and pull position.

Boring Bars Feature Internal Coolant Channels

Iscar has expanded its internal turning application range with positive and negative boring tools, and small-size inserts that accommodate small boring diameters.

VMC Well-Suited for Machining Large, Heavy Workpieces

Well-suited for machining large, heavy workpieces, Okuma’s Millac 852V II vertical machining center is designed for high rigidity, heavy cutting ability and high operability.

EN-Based Coating Provides Improved Mold Release

BN Shield permanent mold release from Square One Coating Systems is a composite electroless nickel coating that incorporates submicron boron nitride particles throughout.

Simplified Software Interface Eases Laser Calibration Analysis

Renishaw’s XCal-View laser calibration analysis software features a simplified interface that enables users to select, edit and format data in a variety of graph formats.

Cleaner Removes Mold Buildup Without Scrubbing

Available from PCS Co., Nanoplas Inc.’s Zap-Ox mold cleaner is formulated to remove rust, oxidation, weld discoloration, resin outgassing stains and other mold buildup without scrubbing.

Enterprise Software Adds User-Guiding Costing Capabilities

The latest release of aPriori 2015 R1 enterprise cost management software offers more detailed cost estimates and flexible user controls to support sourcing activities and collaboration with suppliers.

Groove Milling Cutters Alleviate Chip Evacuation Problems

CoroMill QD groove milling cutters from Sandvik Coromant feature internal coolant and dedicated insert geometries designed to alleviate chip evacuation issues.

Indexable Insert Cartridges Boost Face Mill Productivity

Walter has introduced Blaxx FR751M and FR752M cartridges for its F2010 face mill, making the flexibility and performance of tangential indexable inserts available for adjustable face milling.

Robot Offers Compact Footprint but Large Work Envelope

The IRB 1200 from ABB Robotics features a compact footprint but a large work envelope, offering flexibility, ease of use and short cycle times for a range of material-handling, machine-tending and small-parts-assembly applications.

Line Includes Variety of Aluminum Cutting Inserts

Millstar’s aluminum cutter insert line features modular screw-on heads, shell milling cutters and end mill cutters.

Modular Adapters Enable Improved Holding, Faster Tool Change

Designed for accuracy and clearance at extended lengths, Techniks SFS12 Modular ShrinkFit adapters feature an internal drawbar design for improved holding power and faster tool changes.

Touch Probes Help Increase Productivity

Heidenhain offers its TS and TT touch probes designed for a variety of measuring applications, primarily on milling machines and machining centers.

Sequential Valve Gate Controllers Boost Product Quality

SISE offers a line of sequential valve gate controllers that, when combined with the company’s process monitoring products, can capture data from inside the mold and enable molders to precisely monitor valve gates, resulting in higher-quality products with improved finishes.

Inert Atmosphere Walk-in Oven Heats Graphite Molds

Grieve’s No. 907 is an electrically heated inert atmosphere walk-in oven currently used for heat-treating graphite tooling molds.

Solid Carbide Drills Available in Variety of Diameters

Meusburger has expanded the diameter ranges of its WZB 10224, 10225, 10227 and 10229 solid carbide drills, which are said to be well-suited for use in moldmaking applications.


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