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Improve Profitability with Supplier Collaboration

Developing a strong and effective supply chain will benefit both the moldmaker and its customers.

No More Cooling Required

Moldmakers and molders can increase mold uptime using today’s cooling-free valve gate actuators.

Getting the Most Bang from Your Metrology Buck

These strategies can help maximize the life of your metrology equipment while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

Molding Very Small Threads and Undercuts Cleanly and Efficiently

New mold component technology helps engineers look differently at how they design small detailed parts.

Pellet 2 Part

Initial Pellet Contact is the Screw

Here’s what every moldmaker should know about an injection molding machine’s reciprocating screw, which is often misunderstood and applied to the process incorrectly.

From The Editor

Listen and Learn (and Ask Questions, Too!)

MoldMaking Technology kicks off its 2015 educational webinar series, which is focused on effective ways to fill the skills gap.

EAB Insight

Time-to-Market Strategizing

Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) Insight

Your Business

Moving Operations Management to the Cloud

The network of Internet servers known as “the cloud” can be a valuable resource that allows a company to be more efficient—if it is used effectively.

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Total MBI for December 2014



Striking a Balance with Global Production

Due diligence and the right business model gives Burteck the flexibility to reap the rewards of overseas mold manufacturing while limiting potential drawbacks.

Case Study

A Dynamic Approach to Prototype Tooling

Software that adapts to the demands of varying cutting conditions helps this moldmaker adapt to the demands of a varying workload.

End Market Report

Medical and Packaging

Slower growth ahead for medical device production; stable growth expected for packaging.

Tip of the Month

Checklist for Long-Reach Toolholders

Moldmakers hoping to avoid problems such as chatter, poor tool life and molds that fail quality control muster need to consider a variety of factors when selecting a long-reach toolholder.

Product Focus

Multi-LED Lamps Lend Inspection Versatility

Quadran 365 Series NDT lamps from Paul N. Gardner Co. feature four high-flux UV-A LED lights plus a white-light LED to quickly switch between fluorescent inspection and flaw location.

Hot Runner Nozzles Suited for Demanding Polymer Applications

Hasco offers its Z33 and Z34 range of Techni Shot hot runner nozzles, designed for demanding injection molding applications involving high-performance technical polymers.

Wire EDM Series Suited for Mold and Die Components

The AgieCharmilles CUT 200/300 MoldTech series of wire EDMs from GF Machining Solutions are equipped with features and capabilities designed for accurate and efficient machining of highly complex parts with variable surface heights or taper cuts.

Lifters Reduce Overall Tool Size, Ejection Stroke

The simplified construction of CUMSA’s Double Rack (DR) series lifters is said to significantly reduce the size of the overall tool, as well as the required ejection stroke.

Direct-Gating Technology Eliminates Need for Cold Runner

Husky Injection Molding Systems’ Ultra SideGate hot runner is designed for direct-gating of parts that would otherwise require gating with a cold runner.

Face Mills Eliminate Burrs, Boost Surface Finish

Well-suited for general milling applications, Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s WGX Wavemill series face mills feature an insert chipbreaker designed to eliminate burrs and ensure excellent surface finish.

Gas-Heated Furnace Used for Preheating Molds

Grieve’s No. 862 is a gas-heated 2,000°F (~1,093.3°C) furnace currently used for preheating molds.

Rotary-Table Laser Marking Workstations Boost Throughput

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving has added two high-throughput laser marking workstations to its M series for industrial laser material processing.

Temperature Control System Enhances Hot Runner Operations

Designed to help optimize injection molding performance, the DME Intelligent Temperature Control System offers a small footprint and plug-and-play compatibility with a range of hot runner systems.

Compact CMM Provides Accuracy to 0.7 Micron

Mitutoyo America’s Strato-Apex574 coordinate measuring machine is a compact bridge-type design featuring accuracy as low as 0.7 micron, utilizing a 0.05 micron resolution scale and temperature range of 18-22C° (64.4-71.6F°).

Pre-Designed Hot Runners Offer Same Features as Custom Systems

Designed to complement the company’s flagship, custom-engineered Rheo-Pro series hot runners, Quick-Start manifold systems from MHS Mold Hotrunner Solutions are available in a variety of pre-engineered configurations with a focus on reliability, part quality, fast delivery and cost performance.

Toolholder Offers Integrated Transmission for High-Production Tapping

Emuge’s Speedsynchro toolholder features an integrated transmission of 1:4.412 for optimizing thread production on CNC machines with synchronous spindles.

Toolroom Vise Mounts on All Three Sides

Designed for use on small machine tables, Kurt’s model KTR35 toolroom vise mounts easily on all three sides to handle a range of workholding projects.

HTT-type Nozzle Tips Boost Material Flow

Incoe’s HTT-type nozzle tips is are designed to provide optimal material flow in the tip and systematic temperature control in the hot runner gate area, which are said to be particularly important for achieving even filling and clean separation at de-molding when the injection mold features a large number of cavities.

Software Delivers Increased Design Flexibility, Higher Productivity

The latest version of Siemens PLM Software’s NX (NX 10) program includes new capabilities designed to deliver increased product development flexibility and higher productivity.

Tool-Based Technology Boosts Hot Runner Molding Control

Synventive Molding Solutions’ activeGate tool-based molding technology is designed to provide control over the molding process and to enable production of higher-quality parts than traditional hot runner systems.

Cast Iron Milling Grade Features Wear-Resistant Coating

Designed for cast iron milling, Sandvik Coromant’s wear-resistant GC3330 insert grade features the company’s Inveio coating, which uses uni-directional crystal orientation for greater endurance, predictability and tool life.


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