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Redefining CAM Technology for Moldmakers

Tool paths that dynamically adjust tool motion allow faster, safer machining without the need for high-speed equipment.

Reusing CAD Data

A true direct modeler can help mold builders work more easily with customer design data.

CAM Automation is a Process, not a Goal

Automated NC programming requires a strategy to yield improved productivity, quality and consistency.

Cryogenic Machining Eliminates Moldmaking Conundrum

As moldmaking material gets harder and more expensive to cut, suppliers are “caught between a rock and hard metal,” balancing production costs with customer needs. Cryogenic machining with through-tool liquid nitrogen makes production of longer-lasting molds efficient and affordable.

Pellet 2 Part

Controlling Your Hot Runner Manifold System

Moldmakers and molders need to better understand modern hot runner controller technology to solve processing problems.

From The Editor

The Relationship Campaign

Let’s face it, all business is really about relationships.

EAB Insight

Creating Culture

Cultivating a team environment lightens the load on the individual person and distributes it among many, enabling faster lead times and better-quality products.

Your Business

Increase Your Shop’s Financial Viability

Comparing machine tool performance against clearly defined metrics can help you maximize utilization and therefore improve shop operations.

MoldMaking Business Index

Total MBI for July 2015:



The Knowledge-Driven Operation

From management to shop floor, putting control of processes and workflow in the right hands accounts for much of this growing mold manufacturer’s success.

Case Study

VMC Enables Faster, Smoother Cutting

Higher spindle speed and sufficient CNC look-ahead improve efficiency, tool life and surface finish in the manufacture of foam injection molds.

End Market Report

Electronics and Automotive

Electronics could see stronger growth, while automotive production likely to slow in 2016.

Tip of the Month

The Breadth of Conformal Cooling

Conformal cooling provides faster and more uniform dynamic heat transfer within in injection molds.

Product Focus

Shopfloor Data Display Designed to Boost Production Times

Part of the company’s enterprise resource planning software offering, Global Shop Solutions’ TrueView shopfloor data display platform is designed to display job dispatch data on large TV monitors mounted on shop walls.

Fasteners Install without Tools

Fixtureworks offers a variety of fixturing, clamping and material-handling components, including its Imao One-Touch line of fasteners, designed for quick, easy and secure change-over and installation without the need for any tools.

Face Grooving Tools with Coolant Delivery Aid Efficiency

Iscar’s PiccoCut line features a reinforced geometry designed for efficient deep face grooving, particularly external/internal and along a shaft.

Software Enables Flexible Robot Programming

The latest release of Delcam’s PowerMill Robot programming solution enables manual and CNC programming of robots to be combined in a single program for increased flexibility.

CAD/CAM Software Integrates Motion Study Functionality

Vero Software has integrated components of Siemens PLM Software’s D-Cubed software to enable users to perform motion studies directly within its Visi 21 design and manufacturing solution for the mold and die industry.

VMC Construction Cuts Thermal Growth During Heavy-Duty Cutting

Hyundai WIA Machine America’s F500 Plus vertical machining center uses a high-precision, high-torque Big Plus spindle in a construction that virtually eliminates thermal growth during heavy-duty cutting.

Multiprocessing Turning Center Equipped with Milling Function

Despite a small footprint, the Wasino A-18S multiprocessing turning center from DMG MORI features a turret with 18 tool stations that all can be equipped with milling tools.

End Mill Holders Offer Reduced Runout

Tru Position end mill holders from Briney Tooling Systems utilize a custom-engineered internal eccentric grinding technique said to produce reduced runout capability of 0.0002".

CNC Milling Software Includes Strategies for Streamlining CAM Programming

Version 26 of BobCAD-CAM’s core software for CNC milling combines existing 2D and 3D machining technology with Dynamic Machining Strategies (DMS) designed to streamline CAM programming.

Integrated CAM Solution Streamlines CNC Programming

Spring Technologies’ NCSimul CAM solution is designed to streamline conventional CNC programming, removing the typical organizational method of toolpath generation, post-processing,

Solid Carbide Drill Line Expanded to 500 Products

SGS Tool Co. has expanded its Series 135 Hi-PerCarb solid carbide drill line to nearly 500 individual products designed for high performance in tough-to-machine materials.

Cost Estimating Software Adds 3D CAD Feature Recognition

MTI Systems offers an automated feature recognition (AFR) function for its Costimator cost estimating software that recognizes CAD features and their parameters from solid models, and then allows estimators to control which features they “extract” and import for estimating.

Pneumatic Pumping System Assists in Rubber Molding

Well-suited for prototyping, short-run molding and micro-molding, M.R. Mold & Engineering’s pneumatic Stuffer Box pumping system connects and feeds material directly to the barrel of molding machines, eliminating the need to clean a pumping unit and material-feed mechanism.

Apps Offer Remote Access to Tool Data

Zoller offers apps for each of its TMS Tool Management Solutions software packages that give users remote access to tool-related data, including master data, graphics, warehouse information and more.

Finish Boring Kit Covers Wide Range of Diameters

Among the variety of tooling products Big Kaiser Precision Tooling will display at Westec 2015 is a ready-to-go finish boring kit based around the EWN 2-50XL head, which covers a range of diameters from 0.7" to 6.0".

Machining Center Offers Integrated Workpiece Changer

Kern Microtechnik GmbH has upgraded its Micro machining center to include an integrated workpiece changer that is housed with the toolchanger within the machine’s tool cabinet.

Toolholding Line Adds Smaller-Size Clamping Unit

Rego-Fix Tool Corp. has extended its powRgrip line of toolholding systems to include the 9500, an automatic clamping unit that operates in the same manner as the company’s other clamping units, but is smaller in size, has fewer moving parts, incorporates durable proximity switches and has a streamlined exterior design.


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