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Make Mold Cooling Easy and Effective

Strategies for designing an effective cooling system with less time and effort.

Moldmaking Opportunities in Europe

Use this data and analysis to help develop a strategic vision for what foreign markets you should explore to grow your sales beyond the U.S.

All According to Plan

This moldmaker influences its own destiny by staying true to itself, knowing exactly where it wants to go, and ensuring everyone in the organization understands how to get there.

Will This Part Clean Up?

To improve your manufacturing processes upstream and downstream, consider CAD data and 3D digitizing for lean layout and scrap reduction.

Metrology Molds a Better Bottom Line

Improved accuracy saves time and drives down costs in the moldmaking process.

In the Trenches: Who is ROI Anyway?

Making the argument for bringing polishing and repair work in-house.

From The Editor

Giving Thanks and Making Sales

Servicing current customers and finding new ones requires a solid sales strategy.

Your Business

Estate Planning is Not Just about Taxes

These considerations can help you maximize the amount of wealth you will be able to pass on to your heirs.

MoldMaking Business Index

Total MBI for September 2014


Case Study

Untapped Production

Automation allows this mold manufacturer to run its EDMs nonstop for months.

No Compromises for Large-Mold Machining

Two double-column bridge-type VMCs reduced this operation’s reliance on outside suppliers without requiring trade-offs between power and precision.

End Market Report

Aerospace and Packaging

Aerospace industrial production poised for growth in 2015; use of packing to level off.

Tip of the Month

Save Time and Money with CAD Animation

Using CAD animation can save potential, and often unnecessary, mold design costs.

Product Focus

Walk-In Oven Cures Large Parts in Molds

Grieve’s No. 1032 is a 500°F, electrically-heated walk-in oven currently used to cure large parts in molds.

5-Axis VMC Features Direct-Drive Spindle

Collaboratively designed and built by Methods Machine Tools and Yasada, the PX30i five-axis automated vertical machining center features a direct-drive spindle with self-adjusting preload, designed for improved performance and increased spindle life.

Turning Center Features Collet-Ready Spindle

The Conquest H51 turning center from Hardinge features a quick-change, collet-ready spindle and is available in both high-precision and “Super-Precision” models.

Tabletop Milling Machine Enclosure Keeps Work Area Clean

Aerowell LLC offers tabletop enclosures for vertical or knee-type milling machines that are designed to capture chips, use flood coolant and keep the work area clean.

Iron-Core Linear Motors Feature Anti-Cogging Design

Distributed in North America through Heidenhain Corp., Etel’s LMS series of iron-core linear motors features an anti-cogging design well-suited for thermal-drift-sensitive precision machines and demanding motion control applications.

EDM Wire Optimized for Makino Machines

SST Consumables Group offers a wire optimized for use on Makino EDMs with HyperCut technology, including U3 and U6 machines.

Milling Cutters Removes Large Quantities of Metal

Inspired by Kub Quatron drills and using the same inserts, the Quatron hi.feed milling cutter from Komet is designed to remove large quantities of metal in a variety of milling operations, including plunge milling.

5-Axis VMC Delivers Accuracy, High Productivity for Moldmaking

The MU-6300V vertical machining center from Okuma is designed for high accuracy and productivity for multi-sided machining, making it well-suited for moldmaking and other industries requiring full five-axis capabilities.

Square Shoulder Mills Offer Large Depths of Cut

Seco Tools’ R220.LN14 square shoulder mills provide four cutting edges with a 14-mm (0.551") cutting edge length to reduce cost per edge while improving performance in demanding applications requiring a large depth of cut.

Flexible Machine Offers Erosion, Grinding in One Setup

The Edge erosion and tool grinding machine from ANCA offers the flexibility to erode polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools as well as grind carbide and HSS tools on the same machine in a single setup.

System Provides 3D Inspection, Reverse Engineering

Verisurf Software’s portable Master3DGage hardware/software combination is designed for automated “in-process” inspection directly on the shop floor, enabling machine shops to increase production and improve part quality.

Ejector Sleeves Nitrided for Wear Resistance

Regal Component’s ESL ejector sleeves are machined from H-13 hot-work die steel and nitrided on the ID and OD to 65-74 Rc for optimum heat and wear resistance.

Compact Dual-Axis Rotary Table Suited for Small Machining Centers

Haas’ TRT100 dual-axis trunnion table is designed for high-speed, accurate positioning in machining small complex parts.

Cloud Solution Offers 24/7 Access to Business Information

Exact’s multi-tenant cloud solution, Exact Online JobBoss, provides access to quotes, manufacturing processes, customer information and business financials, at any time and from virtually anywhere, via a web browser.

Laser System Cuts Range of Materials

LaserStar Technologies’ 3900 Series FiberStar laser cutting system is designed to create dimensionally accurate laser cuts in a range of materials and applications.

Single Insert Grade Handles Variety of Materials

Techniks offers LT grade inserts designed to perform in virtually all materials, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, hard steel, cast iron and high-temperature alloys.

Compact Dot Peen Marker Offers Large Marking Area

Suited for both handheld industrial marking applications and on-machine integration, Kwik Mark’s Micro Mark dot peen marker features a compact 3" × 5" × 6" head size but a 1" × 2.5" marking field.

Machining Center Performs 5-Axis Contouring

Designed for simultaneous five-axis contouring of a range of complex parts, Doosan’s FM 200/5AX Linear five-axis machining center is built on a rigid bridge-type base composed of a highly stable mineral composite material.

Linear Rollerway VMC Suited for Die-Mold Work

Well-suited for die-mold manufacturing, the heavy-duty SVL-4525 linear rollerway vertical machining center from Sharp Industries features travels of 45” x 25” x 20”; a high-speed, direct-drive 15,000-rpm spindle; rapid traverse ranging to 1,417 ipm; and a 24-hp motor.

CAM Update Includes Automatic Rest Machining Detection

The 2014 version of Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill CAM software includes a variety of enhancements designed to make NC programming more simple and secure, including a feature that allows for automatic detection of rest material areas where additional roughing is necessary.

Drill Produces Close-Tolerance, Deep Holes

The CoroDrill 808 from Sandvik Coromant is a deep-hole drill designed especially for the company’s single-tube system (STS).

Probe Inspects Surface Finish within CMM Routines

The SFP1 probe option for Renishaw’s Revo five-axis measurement system enables surface finish inspection to be fully integrated within coordinate measurement routines, making the CMM a “single platform” metrology system.

Solid Carbide Systems Perform Four Cutting Actions in One Tool

With the capacity to perform four cutting actions in one tool, Millstar’s Quad Force Machining (QFM) solid carbide tooling systems offer cost and time savings, eliminating the need for additional tools and decreasing the number of required tool changes.


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