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2015 Leadtime Leader Awards Winner: Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing - A Holistic Approach to Setting the Pace

This mold manufacturer has radically transformed its business by instituting a standardized, flexible process, advanced technology and a people-centric philosophy.

Minimizing Costly Tooling Issues

Properly reviewing a mold design before manufacture can help avoid new tooling issues.

Increasing Five-Axis Accuracy

Probing and five-axis auto-tuning can correct machine misalignments in minutes, not hours.

Machining Deep with Solid Carbide Drills

A new twist on deep-hole drilling strategies for mold machining.

Beyond Integration

CAD/CAM integration has reached an entirely new level of value within process planning.

2015 Leadtime Leader Awards Honorable Mention: Dynamic Tool & Design - Committing to a Scientific Process

This shop’s recent strides in mold qualification mirror an ongoing transition to a more systematic approach to mold manufacturing. Meanwhile, a culture of ownership ensures a full buy-in from veteran employees as well as fresh talent attracted through extensive workforce development efforts.

Pellet 2 Part

Designing a Better Heat Exchanger

In part two of our three-part sub-series on mold water cooling systems, we review water quality and its impact on mold performance.

From The Editor

And the Winners are …

Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing of Windsor, Ontario, and Dynamic Tool & Design of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

EAB Insight

Next-Generation Moldmakers

Developing the next-generation toolmaker is paramount to the survival, and even more to the prosperity, of moldmaking.

Your Business

Ease Shop Management

One of the biggest challenges of properly implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is making sure it includes all necessary information, but even a basic ERP solution can positively impact a mold shop.

MoldMaking Business Index

Total MBI for April 2015


Case Study

Temperature Control Technology Streamlines Sampling

This moldmaker speeds tool tryouts with machine-side systems that combine all needed functionality for temperature and flow-rate testing into a single unit.

Diamonds in the Roughing

This mold manufacturer discovered significant time and cost savings in a previously unexplored feature of its CAM software.

End Market Report

Consumer Goods and Electronics

Packaging to see stable growth; electronics likely to remain soft.

Tip of the Month

Eliminating Seams

A zero-parting-line process requires collaboration among the toolmaker, its texturization provider and the OEM.

Product Focus

Tech Center Adds Sampling, Training Capacity

Last fall, 2015 Leadtime Leader Honorable Mention Dynamic Tool & Design completed a 17,000-square-foot addition of a Technology Center to its Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, facility, adding capacity for in-house sampling and training.

Complete Mold Base Manufacturing

To help moldmakers who do not have time to machine both the mold and the mold base, Mold Base Industries completely manufactures mold bases—to the point that the moldmaker can simply install the cavities, cores and auxiliary items.

Advanced Technologies Include In-Mold Assembly

MGS Mfg. Group will demonstrate several advanced manufacturing technologies, including in-mold assembly, multi-shot tooling/molding/equipment, automation systems, comprehensive process simulation and turnkey manufacturing systems.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Methods Meet Variety of Requirements

FISA offers a range of magnetostricitive, piezoelectrical and multiple-frequency ultrasounds to meet a variety of requirements.

Aluminum Cast Mold Plate Suited for Multiple Applications

Alpase is an integrated producer of M-1, M-5 and K100-S aluminum cast products.

Hot Runner Temperature Controllers Upgraded

Fast Heat will unveil improvements to its low-cavitation Ion and high-cavitation Pulse hot runner temperature controller lines, including touchscreen interfaces, wireless connectivity, remote monitoring and cloud-based predictive analytics.

Cast Aluminum Minimizes Need for Added Operations

PCP Canada manufactures precision aluminum-cast plates and molding blocks, primarily for use in general engineering, automotive, marine and plastic industries.

7-Axis Machines Provide Deep-Hole Drilling in a Single Setup

Unisig will showcase its USC-M series of seven-axis deep-hole drilling and machining centers, which enable manufacturers to process large and small parts with four-sided machining capability in a single setup.

Moldmaker Expands Capabilities to Boost Quality, Turnaround

Over the past year, Industrial Molds has invested more than $2 million in equipment purchases and facility improvements to meet demands for increased quality and faster turnaround.

High-Feed Face Mill Boosts Productivity

The Gold-QuadXXX high-feed face mill from Ingersoll Cutting Tools features a positive 30-degree bevel angle along with increased depth of cut provided by ultra-strong, free-cutting insert geometry, resulting in increased productivity.

Right Mix of Tooling and Technology

OSG emphasized the importance of having the right mix of tooling, machine tools and programming, and held a four-hour workshop on a step-by-step process to guide the approach to programming 3D parts.

Mold Technology Produces Lightweight Plastic Parts

Crest Mold Technology has launched Crest Thermal Technology, the capability of rapidly heating part/mold surfaces to improve material flow and then using conformal cooling circuits to quickly cool the plastic parts for fast cycle times.

Digital Boring Heads Offer Variety of Benefits

BIG Kaiser will display the entire lineup of Kaiser digital boring heads, including the latest addition, the Series 112 EWD 2-32, its smallest head with a concentric insert holder, made for small machines with tight work envelopes.

Laser Marking Systems Suited for Variety of Applications

FiberStar laser marking and engraving systems from LaserStar are designed to be turnkey marking, engraving and cutting solutions for applications including flat surfaces, advanced integrated XYZ motion for step-and-repeat marking, and coordinated rotary for marking around a circumference.

Sequential Controller Actuates Up to 8 Valve Gates

Among the melt delivery technologies Incoe Corp. will display is its GSC-Mini valve-gate sequence controller.

CNC Simulation Software Can Operate Independently, Integrate with CAM

CGTech’s booth will feature the latest version of Vericut CNC machine simulation, verification and optimization software.

Steel Operation Adds Machining Capacity

Sturdell Industries is a supplier of mold and tool steels as well as a provider of machining services. The company has added machinery in both its locations in Rochester, New York, and Ontario, Canada, to increase capacity.

Hybrid Multiple-Gate Nozzle Suits Close-Gate Applications

Osco’s MGN Hybrid, a hybrid multiple-gate nozzle (MGN) system, offers design flexibility for applications with close center-to-center gate requirements coupled with longer nozzle lengths and specific application needs.

Institute Offers Higher Education for Plastics Professionals

Beaumont Technologies will showcase an education initiative that it recently launched to provide higher-level education to practicing professionals such as part designers, project engineers, mold designers, tooling engineers, quality and process engineers, and technicians.

One-Shot Molding Technology Cuts Need for Post-Processing

Georges Pernoud North America will highlight its Multitube one-shot molding process, designed to eliminate the need for post-molding operations such as welding on plastic parts, particularly automotive water pipes and air ducts.

Magic Lens for Molds and Components

Hasco brought out the Magic Lens at its booth this year, which gives customers X-ray vision for viewing mold projects.

Sealed Holder Protects Chucks from Debris

Erowa will present its ITS 50 Holder C, designed to protect chucks against contamination such as copper chips, graphite dust or fine HSC chips during manufacturing processes.

Moldmaker Boosts 3D Metal Printing Capacity

Linear Mold & Engineering will showcase its increased capabilities in 3D metal printing for end-use parts with three new SLM 280 HL machines from SLM Solutions GmbH.

EN Coating Increases Wear Resistance

Bales Metal Surface Solutions will introduce Diamond E.N., a new electroless nickel coating with nano-sized diamond particles for increased wear- and friction-resistance.

Swiveling Processing Head Enables 3-Axis Welding

The Vision Ultra Flex FSS laser welder from Alliance Laser Sales features a flexible laser arm with a rotating and swiveling processing head that can be extended to 10 ft., enabling precise welding on the X, Y and Z axes.

Free Mold Care Product Samples Available

Slide Products will feature its free Mold & Tool Builders Trial Sample Kit at Amerimold 2015.

Product Range Includes Mold Cycle Counters, More

PCS Co. will highlight a range of products, including mold cycle counters, an expanded cutting tool line and more..

Tool Tightens/Releases Insert Screws within Mold Cavity

Almo will display a range of mold accessories in the DMS booth, including a worm gear device that enables inserts to be tightened and released inside the mold cavity without the mold itself having to be dismantled.

Variable-Helix Tools Deliver Faster Speeds, Feeds

RobbJack/Crystallume will highlight a variety of cutting tools, including its NS Series of variable-helix tools, designed to deliver faster speeds and feeds than traditional steel-cutting tools.

Self-Adhesive Wrap Protects Tooling During Storage

The DMS booth also will feature MetalRustGuard, a self-adhesive wrap designed to protect mold components and tooling from rust and corrosion during shipping and storage.

Hybrid Molding Technologies Offer Variety of Benefits

Cavalier Tool, winner of this magazine’s 2015 Leadtime Leader Award, will feature gas counter-pressure and injection-compression molding technologies.

Scheduling System Designed to Boost Shopfloor Efficiency

JobPack Scheduling Systems will feature its JobPack Core Scheduler, designed to create efficient schedules for production shops, whether integrated with an ERP system or used as a stand-alone system.

Mold Base Manufacturer Accommodates Design Changes

Vincent Tool Technologies Corp. manufactures custom injection mold bases, from single-shot prototype to multi-cavity, over-molded, high-volume production tooling.

Double-Ejection Systems Suit Medium, Large Molds

CUMSA has introduced an extended range of double-ejection systems, including new SX and SY sizes, which are adaptable to a variety of medium and large mold sizes.

Power of PDM

Through the use of live, 20-minute software presentations, Missler Software showed visitors how working with a CAD/CAM solution based on product data management (PDM) can make a difference in their manufacturing experiences.

Tracking System Gives Users Mobile Access to Tool Data

Tool Stats will showcase its online and mobile tool tracking capabilities, offering a secure content platform that allows users to share and store tool data, while providing 24/7 access to that information whenever it is needed.

High-Speed Spindles and Repair Services Available

Precision Drive Systems manufactures precision high-speed spindles, including the DynaLOC, Xlerator and Advantage series.

New Tool Steel Grade Offers Higher Ductility

National Tool & Manufacturing has partnered with NLMK-Verona to offer VR Stainless, a new grade of pre-hardened tooling steel suited for holders, plates, dies, and plastic and rubber mold applications.

CAD Comparison Module Expands Software Functionality

KeyCreator 2015 from Kubotek includes KeyCreator Compare, a CAD comparison module that enables the software to import, edit and compare dozens of native CAD files produced from other systems.

Extrusion Blow Molds for Consumer Packaging

Creative Blow Mold Tooling designs and builds extrusion blow mold tooling for consumer packaging, from idea to 3D design engineering and development to the mold.

Hybrid Technology Combines Sintering with Milling

MC Machinery Systems will showcase the Lumex Avance-25’s metal laser sintering hybrid technology, which combines metal laser sintering with high-speed milling to produce complex molds and parts using digital engineering and 3D data.

CAD/CAM Update Enhances Mold Design Capabilities

Cimatron, now a part of 3D Systems, will demonstrate the latest version of its integrated CAD/CAM software, CimatronE 12, which offers a variety of new and enhanced mold design capabilities.

Software Well-Suited for Moldmaking, Milling and More

TST Tooling Software Technology will present the latest release of Visi CAD/CAM/CAE software.

Separator/Tipper Handles Molds to 2,000 Lbs

Die-Sep will feature its Mini Die-Sep, a 79"-long mold separator and tipper that handles molds as heavy as 2,000 lbs.

iWarriors Donates iPads to Wounded Service Members has donated more than 300 iPad gift packages to combat-wounded service members from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Magnetic Chuck Enables Simultaneous 5-Sided Machining in 1 Setup

Schunk’s Magnos magnetic chuck enables all five sides of a workpiece to be machined simultaneously in one setup.

Dry Ice Cleaning Systems Extend Mold Life

Cold Jet will demonstrate its i3 MicroClean and Aero 40 environmental cleaning and surface preparation systems, which both use the company’s shaved dry ice and feeder technologies.

Copper Mold Alloys Provide Variety of Benefits

Materion Corp. will showcase its high-performance alloys, including copper, copper beryllium and spinodal alloy products.

Employees Offer Ideas for Process Improvement

Westminster Tool has initiated a program that invites employees to each day present one idea for improvement within the company.

High-Hard Mold Steel Can Be Polished to High Shine

P-20 high-hard mold steel from Diehl Steel is designed to be easily polished to a high shine, making it well-suited for plastic molding applications, injection molds, compression molds, mold frames, forming tools and die holders.

EDM Consumables Stocked Nationwide

EDM Performance Accessories supplies EDM wire, filters, graphite and parts through its 10 stocking warehouse locations nationwide.

Leak-Proof Nozzle Suited for Larger-Part Molding

Mastip’s TL35 nozzle is well-suited for applications that require fast filling and high injection pressures, providing oversized internal flow channels and open flow-gate geometry for larger-part molding.

Portable CNC Suited for Second-Operation Machining

Southwestern Industries will showcase its Trak 2OP portable CNC. Designed for second-operation machining, the control streamlines a shop’s workflow by bringing an additional spindle to an operator idled by the cycle time of a primary machine.

CAM, Simulation Solution Features Improve Productivity

Autodesk will demonstrate the latest technologies related to its CAM and simulation solutions, Autodesk Inventor HSM, HSMWorks for SolidWorks and Autodesk Moldflow.

CAM Demo Gives Mold Builders Process Improvement Ideas

Open Mind used its new hyperCAD-S software in a "shoe" to demonstrate an achievable high quality surface finish.

3D Scanning Services Highlighted

The QC Group will highlight its 3D scanning services, demonstrating a 9-ft. arm FaroArm CMM from Faro Technologies.

Gundrill Enables Deep-Hole Drilling

International Mold Steel has installed a Taurus gundrill with capacity of 2" in diameter and 84" in length, enabling the shop to provide precise, deep-hole drilling, quickly and efficiently.

Ejector Blades, Sleeves Available in Steel Grades

Smith Enterprises offers mold, die and specialty components for the medical, personal care and automotive industries, as well as expanded manufacturing capacity for custom ejector blades and sleeves.

Multi-Material 3D Printers Feature Triple-Jetting Technology

Stratasys offers six multi-material 3D printers with compact and mid-size build envelopes that all feature the company’s PolyJet triple-jetting technology.

Moldmaker Specializes in High-Cavitation Injection Tooling

Graphic Tool specializes in designing and building high-cavitation hot runner molds for parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances.

Provider Offers Range of Cut-to-Size Metals

With 60 locations in 12 states, Alro Steel offers cut-to-size metals and plastics to more than 25,000 customers in North America.


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