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Broadening CAM Applications for Barrel Cutters

This alternative cutting tool geometry, along with the right CAM software, can help moldmakers reduce finish-machining times.

Aluminum Welding

The use of aluminum tooling is becoming more common. Choosing the right wire and the right welding technique will produce the most effective mold repair.

May the Force Be with You

Unlocking the true potential of magnetic workholding for machining mold bases and inserts lies in understanding clamping and machining forces.

Making EDM Profitable

The workpiece material and the process parameters of a sinker EDM operation can impact productivity and profitability.

Under the Scope: Common Laser Welding Pitfalls

Four key trouble areas that can negatively impact efficient and effective laser welding are communication, removal of air pockets, edge technique and selection of filler rod size.

Going Big in Coinjection

In-house sampling of the large coinjection molds it builds gives this moldmaker an edge over the competition.

The Bottom Line: Hire a Veteran!

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit provides an incentives for hiring former members of the armed services.

Keeping Up with ISO: Making Certification a Profitable Proposition

The latest ISO revision challenges companies to examine the ways they consider, monitor, manage and reduce costs.

From The Editor

Design to First Shot, and Beyond

The description of the moldmaking industry encompasses more than this.

MoldMaking Business Index

GBI: Moldmaking for March 2016 - 50.7

Industry expands for the first time in a year, driven by orders, production and employment.


El Dorado Molds Stakes Claim on Calculated Growth

This California moldmaker is now reaping the benefits of its well-laid plans.

Case Study

Conversational CNC Helps Moldmaker Bridge Skills Gap

What can a company do when it has a healthy flow of work running through its facility but a lack of skilled workers to complete it all in an efficient, cost-effective manner? This moldmaker found the solution in two Hurco VMX 42i CNC mills with conversational programming capability.

End Market Report

Consumer Goods and Automotive

Slower growth expected for production in both of these markets.

Tip of the Month

Measurement Data Supports Manufacturing Success

Here are five ways that measurement data can be used to improve productivity and profits.

Product Focus

Collision Monitoring System Protects Machine Tools

Marposs Corp. will feature the Brankamp CMS collision monitoring system, designed to reduce or eliminate machine collisions that generally lead to high repair costs and long downtimes.

Spotting Press Designed to Minimize Mold Tryout Time

In Single Source Technologies’ booth, Millutensil will display its BV30E-RG spotting press, designed for handling and validating molds as large as 1,500 × 1,000 mm.

Nickel Coating Protects Steel and Aluminum

Diamond E.N. from Bales Metal Surface Solutions is an electroless nickel coating with nano-sized diamond particles that offers a balance of corrosion and wear resistance, plus lubricity.

Self-Centering Vises Clamp Parts for Five-Axis Machining

Hirschmann offers self-centering vises designed to quickly and accurately clamp different types of workpieces for five-sided machining.

Graphite Mill Armed with Oil Cover to Capture Dust

EDM Network will exhibit its HM43GT high-speed graphite mill, which features an “oil shroud” option that completely surrounds the 30,000-rpm spindle with EDM-compatible oil to capture all of the graphite dust created by the end mills.

Mold Shop Offers Total Program Management

JMMS will showcase its capabilities in total program management for thermoplastic injection molding, thermoset injection and compression/transfer, and die casting tooling.

Hot Runner Maker Focuses on Sequential Valve Gate Systems

Runipsys North America offers large and medium hot runner systems for automotive applications, with a focus on sequential valve gate systems.

Mold Component Maker Expands Customization Capabilities

SelfLube has expanded its customization capability for bronze and steel wear strips, allowing customers to specify custom sizes, shapes, holes and hole patterns, chamfers, pockets, and cutouts.

Retention Knobs Prevent Toolholder Distortion

JM Performance Products will feature its high-torque retention knobs, which are designed to prevent toolholder distortion.

Variety of Metrology Products and Services Offered

Zeiss Industrial Metrology offers precision metrology products and services, including contact, optical and computed tomography and form, surface and contour instruments.

One-Shot Molding Process Uses Standard Elements for Cost Savings

Georges Pernoud’s Multitube one-shot molding process uses standard resins, injection machines and end-of-arm tooling, providing cost savings, shortening manufacturing cycles and eliminating in-process production.

Venting Valves, Locking Cylinder Ease Molding

CB Mould Services will feature two molding products: its SGD gas-venting valve and CA locking cylinder.

Limit Switch Connects with Current Molding Machinery

The Strack Norma 7600-6 mechanical limit switch from Hotset America is equipped with a connector socket instead of a connector plug, complementing the connection options and cables found on current molding machinery.

Micro Carbide End Mills Available in Range of Styles

D.W. Sales will showcase Melin Tool’s line of micro carbide end mills, suited for titanium and aluminum alloys, graphite, steel, and stainless alloys of hardness less than 40 HRC.

Additional Equipment Boosts Capacity

Sturdell Industries has added machinery in both its locations to increase capacity.

Injection Moldmaker Prides Itself on Engineering

Ameritech Die & Mold, a manufacturer of complex plastic injection molds, says it embraces a philosophy of “driving moldmaking through engineering.”

Software Incorporates Strategies for Roughing, Drilling and Finishing

Open Mind will present HyperMill 2016.2, which includes the Maxx Machining performance package, a set of high-performance toolpath techniques for roughing, drilling (pocket-opening) and finishing.

CAM Release Incorporates User-Defined Features

CGS North America will demonstrate the latest version of its CG CAM-Tool software, designed for machining molds or dies with minimal or to no polishing required.

CAM Update Can Mirror Complete Machining Projects

Delcam, an Autodesk company, will demonstrate the 2016 version of its PowerMill programming software for five-axis and high-speed machining.

Indexable Ballnose End Mills Produce Precise Finishes

OSG will showcase a variety of tools, including the Phoenix PFB indexable ballnose end mill, which offers radius tolerance of 6 microns for high precision, surface finish and tool life in finishing operations.

Process Quickly Pre-Squares Steel Blocks

Diehl Tool Steel says its Accu-Square process enables it to custom-machine steel blocks and plates with speed and accuracy to customers’ specific size tolerances.

VMC Designed for Die/Mold Applications

Braun Machinery will exhibit the Takumi H10, a vertical machining center equipped with a FANUC 31i series control that is designed specifically for the die/mold industry.


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