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Maximize Process Efficiency

Cooling simulation tools can help companies evaluate thermal management early to make informed decisions that will lead to reduced risk downstream.

Fundamentals of Designing the Optimal Cooling System

The right mold components can help improve mold cooling and thereby produce higher-quality parts.

Unconventional Strategies for Roughing

Arc of contact and average chip thickness are essential for optimizing rough-machining operations.

In the Trenches: The Pitfalls of Press Work

Consider these factors when deciding on the location of a tool repair.

From The Editor

What is a Leadtime Leader?

We define it as a North American mold manufacturer that demonstrates outstanding innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment within its moldmaking operations.

Your Business

Finding, Training & Retaining Employees

Identifying and examining training constraints.

MoldMaking Business Index

Total MBI for October 2014



Minding the Business

This toolmaker and low-volume injection molder’s diversification shows that business savvy can be just as critical to success as an efficient manufacturing process.

Case Study

Laser Welding Offers Low-Hanging Fruit

For this toolmaker and molder, laser welding capability offered an easy way to save time and reduce rework on repair jobs and engineering changes alike.

Tailored Tool Paths Translate into Savings

The implementation of CAD/CAM with tool paths tailored to high-speed machining and hard-metal cutting, helped this precision moldmaker dramatically increase its toolpath efficiency.

End Market Report

Medical and Automotive

Medical equipment production has been growing rapidly while the automotive industry remains strong.

Tip of the Month

Understanding Hot Tip Design

Alternative designs are available that will either eliminate or dramatically reduce skewing the flow of plastic.

Product Focus

Pre-hardened Mold Steels Remain Stable During Machining

Nak55 and Nak80 pre-hardened plastic mold steels from International Mold Steel are engineered to remain extremely stable during heavy machining.

Mold Plate Available in Aluminum, Copper Grades

Alro Steel Corp. offers a variety of grades of aluminum and copper mold plate.

Mold-Quality Alloy Steel is Free-Machining

Marshalloy MQ/FM pre-hardened alloy steel from Diehl Steel is a mold-quality, free-machining, premium P-20 steel produced through a propriety melting and refining process.

Copper Alloys Provide Strength, Thermal Conductivity

Materion Corp. offers a variety of MoldMax alloys engineered for the high production demands of the plastic mold industry.

Aluminum Mold Plate Resists High Temperatures

With strength similar to that of medium- to high-strength aluminum alloys, Weldural aluminum mold plate from Clinton Aluminum is engineered to offer high temperature resistance and excellent welding characteristics.

Stainless Mold Base Steel Offers High Machinability

Available from Sturdell Industries, Industeel ArcelorMittal’s SuperPlast Stainless has been engineered with low carbon content, combined with 12 percent chromium content and the addition of alloying elements to achieve high mechanical strength and increased corrosion resistance.


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