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The Bottom Line: Recent Tax Issues Affecting Moldmakers

With a top federal income tax rate of almost 40 percent, coupled with other obligations such as payroll taxes, state income taxes and excise taxes, a significant tax burden is placed on moldmakers.

Keeping Up with ISO: Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain

The 5S system is a working tool for ISO 9001:2015 that was developed to help mangers and work personnel systematically achieve greater organization, standardization, efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Under the Scope: A Case for Micro-TIG Welding

Laser welding’s low heat output makes it the only viable choice for certain welding repairs, but it is not appropriate for all repairs. Micro-TIG offers its own set of benefits.

Justifying an EDM Upgrade

Advancements in sinker EDM technology may convince you to invest in a new machine, even if your old one is working just fine.

Lessons Learned with Aluminum Tooling

Developing a team business plan and making changes to design, operation and maintenance procedures help increase the chances for a successful aluminum mold project.

Forecasting and Balancing Business

Aligning operations, sales and business is essential to leveling out the effects of peaks and valleys.

A Connected Operation

By harnessing the collective value of data-driven systems, this moldmaker takes a proactive approach to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Breaking Down the Skills Gap, Part 2

With the skills gap now defined, the next step is implementing strategies to close it.

From The Editor

What’s Old Is New Again

Much of the content we bring you every month is timeless, so revisiting it is probably a good strategy to put into practice.

MoldMaking Business Index

GBI: Moldmaking for July 2016 - 47.1

Future capital spending plans return to above-average levels.

Case Study

Five-Axis Machining Eliminates LSR Flash

Sometimes taking a different view of a problem can bring about a successful solution.

End Market Report

Automotive and Electronics

Motor vehicle unit production is high, but part production is slowing; electronics production growth also is slowing.

Tip of the Month

Adopting Automation

Shops are facing increased demand for shorter lead times, improved quality and lower costs. Automation offers several key advantages for overcoming these challenges.

Product Focus

Communications Platform Advances Move to Smart Factories

GF Machining Solutions will showcase new strategies for advancing the development of Industry 4.0, including its rConnect central communications platform, which offers in-depth remote machine tool analysis.

Deep-Hole-Drilling Solutions Include Gundrilling Machines

Unisig will display its comprehensive line of deep-hole-drilling solutions, including the UNE 12-2 gundrilling machine, as well as examples of complex deep-hole-drilled workpieces.

CAD/CAM Release Includes Roughing Strategy

Vero will demonstrate features of its Edgecam CAD/CAM software for CNC programming, including the Waveform roughing strategy, a high-speed machining cycle that is available for milling and turning.

Digital Head Designed to Simplify Boring Operations

Designed to simplify boring operations, Big Kaiser’s EWD Evo digital boring head can be synched with the company’s smartphone and tablet app, enabling users to read cutting diameter changes and determine optimal cutting parameters from tool assemblies.

Hybrid Multitasking Machine Speeds Part Building

Mazak will debut the VC-500 AM, a hybrid multitasking machine that combines full five-axis machining and direct metal deposition in a single setup.

Computer Tomographs Offer Faster, More Flexible Inspection

Zeiss Metrology will introduce two computer tomographs (CTs), the Metrotom 800 with an extended performance spectrum and the new Metrotom 1500, both of which are designed for faster and more flexible inspection and measurement.

Slip-Proof Clamping System Eases Tool Change-Out

Rego-Fix will unveil its intRlox Mini Nut clamping system, designed so that wrenches, once properly engaged, will not slip off the ER collet nuts, resulting in safer tool change-outs.

Universal Replacement Touch Probe Cuts Spare Part Stocking

To prevent prolonged machine standstill in the event that one of its TS 6xx series touch probes collides badly with a workpiece or chuck, Heidenhain offers the TS 642 universal replacement touch probe.

CNC Simulation Software Supports Cloud-Based Apps

MachineWorks will demonstrate new features of its CNC simulation and verification component software of the same name, including support of cloud-based applications, which will enable networked devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops to visualize simulations running in the cloud.

Double-Column Grinder Suited for Mold and Die Applications

Designed for both high accuracy and high efficiency, the ACC-32-80CHiQ double-column surface grinder from Okamoto is well-suited for grinding large components in demanding mold and die production applications.

Plunge Mills Produce Flat-Bottom Cuts

Ingersoll’s new DiPos-Hexa plunge mill family is designed to cut axially and produce a flat bottom at the end of the cut.

Enhancements Speed Software’s Modelling Capability

Autodesk will showcase enhancements to its PowerShape modelling and reverse engineering software that are designed to help users complete complex designs more quickly and more easily.

Hybrid Milling, Additive Manufacturing

DMG MORI offers a hybrid additive manufacturing machine, the Lasertec 65 3D.


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