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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Overseas Tooling

The keys to managing offshore tooling are solid communication, an onshore team of mold experts, part samples before mold shipment and onshore molding.

The Will and the Way to Automate Mold Design

Persistence and the right technology enabled this automotive toolmaker to give programmers a head start on new projects and dramatically reduce calculation times.

Coming Back Strong

Investment in machining centers, injection molding machines and complete molds is projected to increase significantly in 2015. Our latest capital spending survey reveals the trends leading to this upswing.

Protect Your Tooling Investment

Lower your VOC footprint, upgrade manufacturing operations and improve the surface quality of your final products with water-based mold release and cleaning.

Pellet 2 Part

Plastic Injection Molding Starts with the Pellet

This is the first article in a new series that will examine the injection molding process by breaking down the path a plastic pellet takes as it is transformed from Pellet 2 Part. It covers what every moldmaker should know about raw materials, including the fundamentals of viscosity curves, Melt Flow Index, Melt Flow Rate, shear and more.

From The Editor

Fresh Perspective

New year, new perspective—or maybe just a different perspective.

EAB Insight

Working on the Workforce

Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) Insight

Your Business

Insurance: The Forgotten Asset

One source of business capital that business owners often overlook is life insurance.

MoldMaking Business Index

Total MBI for November 2014



The Trifecta of Competitive Toolmaking

Process, technology and people form the foundations of the business philosophy in place at Eifel Mold & Engineering.

Case Study

Adopting a Production Mindset

An HMC with a pallet changer and modular fixturing system has streamlined job changeovers at this Tier 2 automotive toolmaker.

Adopting a Production Mindset

An HMC with a pallet changer and modular fixturing system has streamlined job change-overs at this Tier 2 automotive toolmaker.

End Market Report

Aerospace and Automotive

Aerospace production poised for growth in 2015; automotive industry drives mold production.

Tip of the Month

Transition to In-House Welding

Bringing laser welding in-house can help mold shops reduce shipping and handling costs while improving mold quality, lead time and overall customer service.

Product Focus

Multitasking Machine Incorporates Turning with Milling and Tapping

Available from Yamazen, the compact Brother M140X1 multitasking machine incorporates turning with high-speed milling and tapping so that workpieces that previously were processed using separate machines can now be machined on a single unit, reducing handling time.

Horizontal Machining Center Offers 8,000-rpm Spindle

Toyoda’s redesigned FH630SX-i high-speed horizontal machining center features an 8,000-rpm spindle and an option for a 15,000-rpm high-torque spindle, as well as a rapid feed rate of 2,362 ipm (60 m/min.).

HMC Series Features Pallet Range of 300-1,250 mm

Methods Machine Tools has expanded its line of Kiwa horizontal machining centers with the KMH series, featuring pallet sizes ranging from 300 to 1,250 mm.

VMC Designed Specifically for Die Mold Machining

Developed for a variety of die mold machining types, the NXV 1020AM vertical machining center from YCM Americas offers high cutting accuracy with high dampening.

HMC Features Optional Turning Function

The machines feature a compact and rigid design, and a double-bedded and driven NC‐swivel‐rotary‐table.

Hybrid Multitasking Machine Combines Subtractive, Additive Capabilities

Mazak’s Integrex i-400AM hybrid multitasking machine combines additive technology with machining, reducing part cycle times while providing high-efficiency done-in-one processing.

Horizontal Boring Mill Offers More Standard Features

Hurco’s HBMX55i horizontal boring mill features a small footprint of 220.37" × 207.28" but large work envelope of 55.1" × 55.7" × 43.3".

Compact CNC Turning Centers Boost Accuracy, Reliability

The 8" and 10" Puma GT2100 series turning centers from Doosan are said to incorporate key features of the company’s Puma 240, but in a more compact and cost-competitive package, with improved performance, accuracy and reliability.

High-Speed Machining Center Built for Mold and Die Work

GF Machining Solutions’ Mikron HSM 500 MoldMaster (MM) high-speed milling machine is designed as an all-in-one production system, enabling shops to build a range of mold- and die-related components, from 58 Rc steel mold cores to hot pressing dies and sinker-EDM electrodes for intricate mold cavities.

Cylindrical Machine Can Internally Grind Long Workpieces

United Grinding’s Studer S141 universal ID cylindrical grinding machine offers the ability to internally grind longer workpieces common to the machine tool, drive element, aerospace and toolmaking industries.


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