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Tackling Wear with Vacuum Heat Treating

This heat-treatment process provides critical temperature and wear-resistance properties to certain mold steels.

Tool Up with Rapid Heat/Cool Technology

A rapid heating and cooling technique using pressurized water solves sink, weld line and discoloration problems.

Graphite or Copper? Part 2

Test findings and a cost of ownership model help identify the monetary impact graphite and copper electrode materials have on manufacturing.

In the Trenches: Think Like a Toolmaker

Fundamental knowledge and understanding is necessary in mold repair.

Truly Smart EDM

Think ease of use, ergonomics and expertise when empowering your operators with the right EDM.

From The Editor

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words …

then a video—moving pictures—is worth so much more, and manufacturing can reap its benefits.

Your Business

Finding, Training & Retaining Employees

Evaluating your training resources.

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Total MBI for August 2014



Controlling Costs by Controlling Production

A process-driven manufacturing strategy and extensive data tracking have enabled this company to double down on the advantages of integrated toolmaking and molding capability.

Case Study

An Adaptable Approach to Multi-Material Sampling

An auxiliary plastic injection unit has helped this moldmaker expand sampling capabilities and transition customers to unfamiliar processes with minimal risk and expense.

End Market Report

Consumer Goods and Medical

Consumer goods production and medical care spending are both growing rapidly.

Tip of the Month

Optimizing Common Roughing Technology

Keeping on top of the ever-advancing range of cutting technologies, edge geometry designs, materials and coatings is essential for achieving higher productivity, faster metal removal rates and more cost-effective machining processes.

Product Focus

Power Drawbar Uses Spring Force to Lock in Tools

The Ott-Jakob power drawbar from Advanced Machine & Engineering features intensified spring force to securely hold the cutting tool in the holder.

Solid Carbide Drills, Cutters Handle Composites

Seco Tools offers a variety of milling and drilling tools designed to prevent uncut fibers and delamination in demanding composite applications.

Ballnose Milling Inserts Boost Finishes

Unlike ballnose geometries that tear off material when milling at the point, Millstar’s RB-T series ballnose milling inserts are engineered to shear the material to ensure quality finishes.

High-Feed Milling Cutters Offer 0.06" Depth of Cut

Ingersoll offers its Hi-Feed Midi family of milling cutters featuring strong, positive rake face angles, four insert indexes, rigid clamping and high tensile screws, designed for efficient, cost-effective machining.

Laser Drilling Service Produces Precise Micro-Holes

Advanced Laser Technologies offers a custom laser drilling service to produce distortion- and stress-free micro-holes as small as 0.01" in diameter with ±0.0005" tolerance, depending upon the material, thickness and configuration.

3D Printer Shortens Injection Mold Lead Times

The Objet350 Connex multi-material 3D printer from Stratasys can be used to produce injection molds for prototype parts, and one manufacturer said doing so has enabled it to slash its overall tooling production lead times by as much as 97 percent.

Bridge-Type Machines Offer Fully Automatic Five-Face Machining

Designed for moldmaking applications, the SF and NF series Vision Wide bridge machining centers available from CNC Systems both offer fully automatic five-face machining.

Electric Spindles Capable of High Speeds

HES series spindles from NSK America are integral motor/spindles that can be coupled with a variety of spindle tapers and used in either dry or flood-coolant cutting conditions.

Self-Contained Valve Gate System Offers High Pin Force

Well-suited for cleanroom and high-temperature applications, Polyshot’s single-nozzle valve gate system offers high pin force of 400 lbs to process both filled and unfilled commodity resins.

Finish-Ground Blank Mold Plate Available Off the Shelf

PCS Co. offers finish-ground blank mold plate in P20 and stainless steel in more than 250 frame size and plate thickness combinations.

Quick-Change Pallet System Provides Shop Standard

The NSL series of Schunk’s Vero-S quick-change pallet system is designed to enable shops to quickly and easily implement a standard for all machines regardless of their variety or table size.

Milling Catalog Offers Comprehensive Machining Data

The expanded ATI Stellram Milling Catalog includes the company’s latest product offerings as well as comprehensive cutting conditions data to maximize cutting tool performance.

Digital Optical Comparator Offers 5-Axis Inspection

Methods Machine Tools offers the 700 Series VisionGauge digital optical comparator developed by Visionx Inc., which features five axes of motion (X, Y, Z, rotary and tilt) for quick, accurate inspection of virtually all sides and angles of a part.

Custom Core Pins Suited for Molding Applications

Regal Components offers a range of custom core pins with precision-ground and EDM forms for use in molding medical, electronics and consumer products.

Pre-Square Tool Steel Reduces Labor Costs

Diehl Steel offers a range of steel products, including its Accu-Square tool steel, which reduces labor costs with six-sided pre-squaring to a customer-defined tolerance range, eliminating the need for further squaring of the blocks.

EDM Suited for Hole Drilling

Makino's EDBV8 EDM hole driller is well-suited for producing film cooling holes and shaped diffuser holes in blade and vane segments.

Software Update Eases Mold Calculations

DZynSource LLC says it has updated its DZynSource Mold Engineering Software to make complex calculations more user-friendly.

Series Adds Slitting, Milling Cutters

Walter has expanded its Blaxx family of cutters with the F5055 slitting cutter and the F5138 milling cutter.

Hot Runner Manifold Designed for Ease of Installation

Husky’s Unify hot runner manifold system is designed for one-step installation into a mold without the need for pre-heating, offering flexibility and time savings, as well as simple hot runner maintenance, reducing downtime.

Software Offers Enhanced Injection Molding Simulation

Aimed at eliminating molding defects and increasing production efficiency on plastics, Moldex3D R13.0 injection molding simulation software from CoreTech System Co. (Moldex3D) enables users to visualize melt front behavior inside the mold cavity and predict potential molding problems before manufacturing.

Hot Runner Device Stops Material “Drool”

Melt Design Inc. offers a hot runner shut-off device that does not require a special machine nozzle tip.

Small-Sized Inserts Offer Cost Savings

Available in a range of geometries, corner radii, chipformers and carbide grades, Iscar’s small-sized ISOTurn inserts are designed for applications where larger inserts are unnecessarily used, offering savings on cost per cutting edge.

Integrated Electrode Software Supports More EDMs

Delcam has enhanced its Delcam Electrode software for electrode design, machining and inspection, integrating its PowerShape, PowerMill and PowerInspect software, and extending the range of EDM equipment supported by the software.


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