Twelve-Laser Machine Facilitates High-Volume Serial Production

SLM Solutions’ robust NXG XII 600 design offers low production cost by reducing cost-per-part and overall build time.


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SLM Solutions 12-laser NXG XII 600 machine.

Photo Credit: SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions officially introduces its new SLM machine NXG XII 600, which is now available for commercial offer. Equipped with 12-kW simultaneously operating lasers, the 600 x 600 x 600-mm machine is said to be 20X faster compared to an SLM 280 Single Laser System, and is designed to be used in serial production for high-volume applications and for printing large parts. 

Featuring a new optic system, the NXG XII 600 enables large overlap and is based on a tailor-made laser scanning system to best fit the build area. All 12 optics provide spot size definition via a double lens system called “zoom function,” enabling customers to choose between different spot sizes in the focal plane, boosting build-up rates to 1000 cc/h. Its ability to produce a higher part yield in a single build job achieves increased production at low cost-per-part.

To better facilitate the integration of the NXG XII 600 into factories and supply chains, several automated features—an automatic build cylinder exchange, automatic build start and an external preheating station and external depowder station—are included.  

To achieve homogeneous part properties all over the building platform, SLM Solutions has also developed a new gas-flow setup along with an optimized chamber design and SLM Solutions’ patented sinter-wall technology for more.

Further, the NXG XII 600 features a robust machine design boasting a new thermal concept, which is said to reduce drifts to a minimum and allows customers to print seamless parts stitched together with up to 12 lasers. Additionally, the machine comes with an UI concept focusing on the operator, which optimizes the workflow and reduces training requirements for overall productivity, reliability and safety.

The machine is available with two different powder handling options: A gravity-based and vacuum-based solution that keeps downtime between each build job to a minimum.