Three-Flute Drill Facilitates Quick Drill Tip Replacement

The Ingersoll TwistSFeed offers an upgraded clamping mechanism and a self-centering point to ensure optimal performance, precision and stability.


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Ingersoll TwistSFeed

Photo Credit: Ingersoll

Ingersoll Cutting Tools’ new TwistSFeed drill family features a three-flute quick-change tip with an upgraded clamping mechanism designed to maximize productivity. Unlike conventional three-flute solid carbide drills, Ingersoll says, TwistSFeed utilizes a self-centering point to ensure optimal performance, precision and stability for all applications.

TwistSFeed’s multiple flutes and IN2205 coating designed for steel and cast iron applications reportedly reduces costs by improving tool life and productivity. The clamping mechanism also facilitates simple replacement of drill tips as well as accommodating multiple tip diameters per drill body. 

Tips are available in diameters from 0.6299"-8288" and bodies include 3xD and 5xd L:D ratios.