Pre-hardened Steels Eliminate the Need for Heat Treat

Originally titled 'Pre-hardened Steels Eliminate the Need for Heat Treat'
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International Mold Steel says its steels save moldmakers time by eliminating the need for heat treat.

International Mold Steel  highlights mold base steels and cavity and core steels at NPE2018. At the show, it has Toolox 33 and Superplast Stainless mold base steels. It also has cavity and core steels like Nak 55, Nak 80, PX5 Modified P20, S-Star 420 Modified, DH2F Modified H-13 and Toolox 44.

The company says its prehardened steels save time by eliminating the need for heat treat, which eliminates the need for secondary machining. With mold shop deliveries getting shorter and shorter, International Mold Steel’s customers need to squeeze as much time out of their mold builds as possible. The company says these products are very free machining. In some cases, its customers are seeing double the cutter life of their tooling. These qualities increase savings the moldmaker and the molder.


NPE2018 Exhibitor

International Mold Steel, Inc.

Booth: S33060

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