New End Mills Provide Cost-Effective High Performance on Tough Materials


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Seco Tools’ new Jabro-Solid2 JS 750 end mills are designed to provide longer tool life when machining tough materials. According to Seco, shops that struggle to maximize end-mill tool life when machining challenging materials can now achieve 25 percent to 40 percent longer life with this new family of end mills.

The JS754 and JS755 cutter geometries optimize conventional side milling, roughing and
slotting, as well as advanced roughing and dynamic milling operations. Instead of struggling with chip formation, the smooth peripheral rake faces and strong radius design of these cutters evacuate chips efficiently while maintaining a true radius form. To avoid slow or unreliable cutting when interpolating or ramping for pocket machining, increased front back tapers enhance speed and reliability.

The broad range of JS754 and JS755 variations and features ensure the highest cutting
performance. Shops can match tool to application with various lengths, OD neck reduction sizes and corner radii, as well as chip splitters and through-coolant options.