Internally Heated Hot Sprue Bushing Provides Temperature Control/Uniformity

The Melt Design Dual Zone Hot Sprue Bushing offers dual heaters for independent adjustments and an improved, more even melt flow.


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Equatemp Dual Zone Sprue Bushing and tips.

Photo Credit: Melt Design

The Equatemp Dual Zone Sprue Bushing from Melt Design is a robust, internally heated hot sprue bushing with two zones that are said to provide ultimate temperature control and uniformity. Designed for applications that demand higher precision, this bushing is ideal for use in the automotive and medical industry.

The Dual Zone Hot Sprue Bushing offers dual heaters for independent adjustments. It is designed to retrofit cold sprue bushings and ideal for high-temperature engineering resins. The thermocouple is replaceable if needed.

According to Melt Design, the two thermocouples are placed at different locations. Because the head area, which receives molten plastic, usually remains at a lower temperature  than the tip, this further enables uniform temperature control/profiles all along the nozzle.

Additional benefits of the Equatemp Dual Zone Sprue Bushings include:

  • High purity ceramic insulator compacted to its near theorethical limits is said to ensure highest heat transfer rate, resulting in longer heater life.
  • Predetermined wattage distribution provides even heat along its entire body for better melt flow.
  • Each zone instantly responds to any heat drain without affecting the other, thus avoiding overheating or freeze-off problems.
  • Available with 4 tip options.