Hot Runner Gate Nozzle Enables Compact Installation 

Technoject Machinery’s Starline Edge Gate Nozzle has been made for short installation height with improved gate well configuration and disassembly.


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Starline Edge Gate Nozzle.

Photo Credit: Technoject Machinery

Heitec Hot Runner Systems’ products, available in North America through Technoject Machinery, has introduced a new Starline Edge Gate Nozzle, a short and compact component made for short installation height. It is suitable for small tonnage injection molding machines and for miniature article weights where residence times are critical. The nozzle’s height makes designing into small molds with limited mold height possible.

Compared to the original, longer Starline Nozzle, Technoject says the Edge Gate Nozzle’s gate well configuration eliminates the problem of “cold slugs,” and ensures excellent gate mark quality.

Further, the tips can be easily removed from the parting line without having to disassemble the cavity plate or the hot half. This allows easy maintenance of contaminated gate wells and damaged tips. Cooling lines in the cavity can be laid out close to the molded article and gate for optimum performance and cycle time.