Alba Enterprises Announces CEO

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Rich Oles joins Alba Enterprises as President and CEO.

Rich Oles has joined Alba Enterprises as President and CEO, merging the operations of his former company ROI Group with those of Alba Enterprises. Alba Enterprises is now jointly owned by Rich Oles and John Dineen. 

This merger expands the company’s product and service offering to include injection molding consulting services to its existing portfolio of Babyplast micro injection molding machines, Vega hydraulic cylinders, as well as a broad line of peripherals and mold components. Dineen will continue at ALBA as its CFO.

Oles began his career as a journeyman moldmaker and rose to increasing levels of responsibility. From 1999 to 2012 Oles was North American President and CEO of Softline Corp., a hot runner supplier, and its successor organization, PSG Plastic Service Group. Subsequently, he was the molding and tooling manager at Stone Plastics. In 2015, he founded the ROI Group, and now as part of Alba, all of ROI’s injection molding consulting services will be incorporated as part of its service offering.


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