America Makes Completes Pilot of Virtual Additive Manufacturing Educational Program 

Program exposes and prepares middle school students for 3D printing career opportunities.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Filament Eliminates Fume Emissions for Enhanced Design Flexibility

Jabil’s Jabil PA 0600 is a high-strength additive material with enhanced functionality for the development of complex parts such as tooling, workholding devices and more.

Additive Manufacturing

CNC Turning Machines Manufacturer Index Group Acquires One Click Metal GmbH

Index Group extends business with One Click Metal’s additive manufacturing solutions in 3D printing metal, which are used in mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing and automotive industries.

Additive Manufacturing

Optimized AM Metal Powder Alloy Delivers Application Flexibility

New high-temperature, crack-free nickel-chromium alloy from EOS North America opens up industrial 3D printing options.

Surface Treatment

3D-Printed Mold and Part Polishing Service Advances AM Geometry and Material Capabilities

Ultra Polishing extends its services for polishing 3D-printed plastic molds and parts and printed metals, for companies creating products with complex dimensions and using nontraditional materials.


Matsuura Launches Metal Additive Manufacturing Production Services 

Lumex technology to produce high-volume mold components for tooling, with reduced lead time, high-precision machining without EDM and minimized mold assembly.

Addifab Raises $6.5 Million in FIM Oversubscribed Funding Round 

Funding to strengthen the company’s flagship freeform injection molding process, including its global availability, supply of systems and enable Addifab’s relocation to accommodate FIM’s expansion.

Additive Manufacturing

EOS Expands Online Training Program to U.S. to Foster Industrial 3D Printing Education

Additive Minds Academy offers a series of over 18 topic-based learning modules supported by EOS’ consulting team to equip learners and aid companies in leveraging AM technologies.

Additive Manufacturing

Have You Heard of Printing Mold Inserts with Metal Paste?

A lower-cost 3D printing approach extrudes a metal paste to produce a mold insert with the required surface finish and tolerances.

MMT Chats: Making Moves and Making Progress

MMT Editorial Director Christina Fuges brings M.R. Mold & Engineering of Brea, California, to this MMT Chat to discuss moving to a new facility, investing in new machines to tackle large molds, diversifying into aerospace and defense, hiring new young employees, working on certifications, and integrating additive manufacturing into their operations. This episode is brought to you by ISCAR with New Ideas for Machining Intelligently.

Additive Manufacturing

Use Hybrid AM to Produce Longer-Lasting Multi-Material Molds

A flexible, laser-based hybrid CNC machine makes it practical to produce high-performance molds and dies made from multiple metals. 

New Wohlers Report 2021 Finds 7.5% Growth in AM Industry Despite Pandemic

The 26th annual installment of the Wohler’s Report 2021 discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the AM industry, the hidden costs of AM and more, all indicating industry acceleration.

Additive Manufacturing

MMT Chats: The Need for Broader Additive Manufacturing Education to Understand its True ROI, Part 2

This MMT Chat continues the conversation with Action Mold and Machining, as two members of the Additive Manufacturing team dig a little deeper into AM education, AM’s return on investment and the facility and equipment requirements to implement AM properly. This episode is brought to you by ISCAR with New Ideas for Machining Intelligently.

ESPRIT CAM Now Supports Binder Jetting Technology

ESPRIT CAM collaborates with France’s Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry (CETIM) to further enhance the support of additive technologies.

Business Strategy

Markforged To Become Publicly Listed Through Merger With One

Business combination with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) one to be completed by the end of summer 2021.

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Additive Manufacturing

MMT Chats: The Need for Broader Additive Manufacturing Education to Understand its True ROI, Part 1

MMT Chats invites the additive manufacturing (AM) team from Action Mold and Machining in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to share their passion for and experience with additive manufacturing in moldmaking by exploring how education matters to fully grasp AM’s return on investment. This episode is brought to you by ISCAR with New Ideas for Machining Intelligently.


Five Key Aspects of a Basic Multi-Axis AM Programming Workflow and CAD/CAM/AM Tools

CAD, CAM and AM tools in the same software package and user interface ease programming for mold builders employing additive manufacturing operations.

Additive Manufacturing

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Announces New Hybrid AM Subsidiary

The new division offers customers Manufacturing-as-a-Service, and enables wider access to hybrid technology, including laser metal deposition and more.

Additive Manufacturing

Siemens, EOS North America Partner to Improve AM Efficiency, Profitability

Combination of EOS machines and Siemens AM software to provide customers opportunity for a seamless, automated AM digital thread from design through production.

Additive Manufacturing

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Takes Lead Involvement in Novel Compact Wire-Fed AM Project

InnovateUK research project to demonstrate advantages of the HMT interchangeable head over subtractive manufacturing and DED techniques.

Additive Manufacturing

Technology Roundup: You'll Only See It Here!

MMT presents a compilation of digital-only new/proven product content. Cutting tools, machining, AM, software and inspection/measurement categories are showcased in this latest roundup.

Additive Manufacturing

How to Supply Cooling to Additive Tooling

Additive tooling provides limitless options for cooling a mold’s difficult-to-cool areas.

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