VIDEO: Table Eases Mold Maintenance, Assembly

With this product, heavy components literally float on a film of air.


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Some technology just can’t be adequately described with static text and pictures, so it’s a good thing I had a video camera with me when I saw the table depicted above at the Euromold show this past November. Here, Louis-Andre Lilla of Meusburger, a supplier of mold bases and components, demonstrates how easy it is to move even the heaviest, bulkiest items on a thin film of air generated by the table (which reminded me of an air hockey game).

Judging from all the booth traffic at the show, Muesburger is quite well-known in Europe. Yet, Lilla and other representatives expressed an interest in possibly expanding its presence in the United States, where it operates a sales office in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company is planning to exhibit at the upcoming NPE show.

This air-cushioned assembly table is just one of many examples of technology that intrigued me at the Euromold show. As in recent years, additive manufacturing proved a particularly big draw, with an entire hall dedicated to that technology drawing plenty of traffic day-in and day-out. Yet, the show also offered plenty of innovations from more traditional players in the die and mold industry. Examples include laser welders integrated with laser powder cladding, an innovative quick-change mold system, and an unusual lifter design. Click through this picture gallery for a sampling of what caught my eye.