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Injection molds are known for tight tolerances, intricate features and complex geometries including a large number of planes and connecting faces such as fillets. At the same time, requirements on surface quality are extremely high. According to Peter Brambs, Principal Engineer of Innovation at CAD/CAM company Open Mind, conventional milling strategies using ball nose cutters or bullnose end mills produce excellent surface finishes, but are not very efficient. In contrast, using face mills is highly productive, but does not lead to the desired surface quality. In my interview he explains how Open Mind’s five-axis tangent plane machining strategy can achieve time savings of up to 90 percent.

Open Mind has spent a lot of time on developing a highly-efficient method for finishing planes. Why?

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This Throwback Thursday blog is focused on CAD data and how designers can better work with customers’ CAD designs without “reinventing the wheel,” so to speak.

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By: Karen Cornelissen 12. September 2017

Technology Showcase: On Display at EMO 2017

Seco Tools partners with Ferris State University for workforce development.


This month, I have a feature I wrote that focuses on mold industry supplier companies that have workforce development programs. Our intent with this article was to work with suppliers that represent the entire moldmaking production cycle. We selected one company from each of our main technology categories: software, mold materials, hot runners/mold components, machining, cutting tool, repair/surface treatment. Because of space constraints and the sheer number of possible supplier company participants, we could not include every known entity, but we can feature more of them here in the MMT blogs.

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