By: Cynthia Kustush 24. June 2016

SLIDESHOW: Sold on Amerimold – Exhibitors Share their Perspectives


Amerimold exhibitors had a lot of very positive experiences this year, including making sales right from the show floor. We touched base with a few of them after the show and created this slide show to share some highlights with you!

One message was clear from several exhibitors, and that was the fact that for them, Amerimold is a trade event they would never miss exhibiting at. They cited our unique, niche market as the reason Amerimold is the ideal event at which to network and feature new products and services.

This year we had an exhibitor debut a new line of products for the North American market. Braun Machinery chose Amerimold as the place to kick off their introduction of Takumi USA, and they demoed a Takumi H10 machining center in their booth. Before long, they were also announcing the sale of a Takumi V10 machining center to an Amerimold attendee! The company also established a the Takumi USA headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Joe Braun, vice president of marketing and product management for the Takumi brand, said there soon will be 22 distributors for Takumi in the US, each with regional service and support techs.

On the other side of the hall, Jeff Lambing of JDL Technical Services said the deal with Vasantha moved very quickly. The software was installed, their licenses were sent and training sessions were scheduled, he said. Jeff added that it was a great show (but we kind of figured he'd say that).

Other exhibitors said they were very pleased with the number of quality leads they collected during Amerimold. For example, TopSolid said the number of leads was up from 2015 and, by the end of the show, they estimated that of those leads, 175 were unique. In addition, they were able to set up several planned visits with new clients from the show and they even met people from companies interested in becoming resellers for their software.

I could go on, but this blog would end up much longer than planned. Between my report above and the slide show, I hope I got my point across that Amerimold 2016 was a resounding success for so many of our exhibitors. It's no wonder that our Expo Hall keeps growing each year.

Amerimold will take place next year on June 14-15 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. We hope to see you there!

By: Christina M. Fuges 23. June 2016

SLIDESHOW: Leadtime Leaders Made Their Presence Known at Amerimold


The moldmaking community is a family of sorts, and this becomes very evident every year at Amerimold when we celebrate our annual Leadtime Leader Awards Competition. Last week this was taken to another level when 2016 Winner Krieger Craftsmen registered a busload of people to attend Amerimold and make their presence known. For those unable to make it to Amerimold this year, I put together this slideshow to help you experience the highlights of this year's 14th Annual Leadtime Leader Awards ceremony. 

By: Cynthia Kustush 22. June 2016

SLIDESHOW: Amerimold is a Celebration of Our Industry



If you have ever attended an Amerimold Expo then you understand what my headline for this blog means. Yes, Amerimold is a trade show and conference, but for so many of us it is also a celebration of the moldmaking industry. And we have the photos from this year’s show to prove it.

From registration on opening day at the Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan, to show closing on day two, we found evidence throughout Amerimold of an industry that is strong, proud and knows how to have fun! So take a few minutes to click on the photos below and enjoy this slideshow from Amerimold 2016. If you were there and you have more photos or fun memories to share, please send them to me and you might just see them posted in a future blog!

By: Christina M. Fuges 21. June 2016

Collaboration and Education

I visited with Baker Aerospace and S A Engineering at Amerimold last week in Novi, Michigan, after learning that they have both committed to technology development R&D and collaboration to move innovation forward.

SA Engineering Technology Center provides a setting where reputable companies with high-level expertise in services that support injection molding can co-locate under one roof to work together to develop new technologies on new 110- to 3500-ton presses. Such technologies include 3D-printed conformal-cooled inserts, which are a part of Baker’s expertise that has helped advanced the R&D of “new technology” tools developed at the Center. Baker also takes time to educate customers on the misconceptions about 3D-printed conformal-cooled inserts, including, for example, that a whole new tool must be created in order to use conformal cooling. In reality, only the internal areas of the insert that already exist must be altered. The Center’s Engel Duo 23050/3500 US 3,500-ton press is used to test and run “new technology” tools, such as a MuCell tool for Trexel, and an Engel Victory 1350/285 Tech 285-ton press is part of the center’s arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment that demonstrates the full potential of the new technologies being developed and tested here. 

Click here to read my piece that shares more about this initiative in sister publication Additive Manufacturing.



By: Cynthia Kustush 20. June 2016

Are You Optimizing Part Design and Manufacturability?



You build good molds, but with customers’ ever higher expectations for part quality and faster delivery, how can you be sure you are optimizing part designs and manufacturability? Can you back it up with data? Autodesk presented a free webinar titled “Using the Power of DOE to Design Process and Part Improvement” to show attendees how to ensure part design optimization. Jeff Higgins, technical specialist and Moldflow subject matter expert, was our presenter.

Attendees learned the following:

  • The theory behind Design-of-Experiments (DOE) and how it works
  • The different types of experiments that can be set up
  • How to interpret the results from a DOE analysis.

Plus, examples of DOE analyses were shared and discussed. 

Whether you already use Moldflow as a value added service for your customers or are considering implementing it, check out our archived presentation here.

If you'd like access to more resources on this and related topics, check out our Mold Flow and Simulation Zone for articles featured in MoldMaking Technology here.

Also, click here to read an Autodesk article titled "Design Right the First Time", in which the benefits of simulating both the injection molding and induction heating processes are discussed.

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