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Not very long ago, as I was working on a feature article about South Coast Mold, a company in Irvine, California, that builds investment casting molds for alloy parts, for our August issue, I posed a couple of questions to second-generation owner Paul Novak: Why are you more active with the American Mold Building Association (AMBA), and why do you read MMT?

Let me explain that previously, Paul had not only complimented me on the articles I’d written since joining MMT (which, incidentally is almost exactly a year ago) and said that he reads every issue, but I’d seen him at more than one AMBA event and knew he’d also served on its national board. So I was curious, because I also knew, due to working on the feature about his company, of the existence of the Investment Casting Institute.

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Since launching MMT back in 1998, we have been covering additive manufacturing. Well, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, rapid manufacturing ... or whatever it was being called a the time. Here is a look at an article from 2000 examining rapid tooling. It's amazing how far we've come.  

Back then, author Todd Grimm, who is still very involved in the AM industry, said, "Rapid tooling is not about the process, it's about how fast results can be achieved and success is not gained solely from employing a leading-edge technology, it's the combination of tools, methods, processes and people that makes the solution rapid. To be prepared for tomorrow, a three-step strategic plan is required: (1) work the flow to eliminate inefficiencies in the process, (2) incorporate the latest, proven technological advances and (3) be aware of the current and future capabilities of the 3-D CAD-driven, additive process labeled "rapid tooling."

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Welcome to the 2016 digital edition of Mold Maintenance & Repair. This edition focuses on taking mold maintenance and repair to the next level. In this issue, you'll discover how true preventive maintenance lies in accurately monitoring and counting issues and corrective actions over time; get a handle on how equipping a toolroom for proper mold maintenance and repair takes more than just the right technology; learn how a combination of micro-TIG and laser welding technology should cover all your bases in mold repair; see how a diagnostic device helps molders simply check hot runner cables to ensure connectivity; and, read the words to live by when it comes to upping your maintenance and repair game.

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Today’s Technology Showcase features products you may have missed in recent issues. Mold components that are reliable and easily accessible wherever your tools are being run are highly sought after, and some possible products are shown in this slideshow feature. You’ll also find some new options for surface treatment of molds.

MMT is always looking for new products to showcase here and in print, so send them along! Don’t forget to include a hi-res photo to go with it.

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Posted by: Cynthia Kustush 17. October 2016

You Made That?

“You made that?” was a frequent reaction from high school students who were welcomed into MGS Mfg Group Inc.’s Germantown, Wisconsin, manufacturing plant for an eye-opening tour in honor of Manufacturing Day, which was October 7. More than 65 attendees, to be exact, including the students, teachers, counselors, parents and MGS business partners, enjoyed a firsthand look at what manufacturing IS today versus what it’s not.

This isn’t the first time MGS has opened its doors for such an event, as it’s an ongoing quest to spread the word about the exciting apprenticeship programs the company offers that can lead to rewarding careers.

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