By: Matthew Danford 2. March 2015

A Flexible Strategy for a Flexible Shop

According to the shop, smoother surface finishes and tighter tolerances provided by Dynamic Motion technology reduce the need for secondary operations to eliminate flashing. 

As a prototype mold manufacturer, Dynamic Plastics “sees a little bit of everything,” says Tom Prebelich, tooling supervisor. The same might be said of the company’s cutting tools, and, for that matter, the cutting tools used by any manufacturer tasked with machining a range of parts with widely varying geometries.

Overall, a flexible structure helps this shop adapt as-needed. However, it was only recently that the company could claim the same luxury for its cutting tools. Historically, employees often had to choose between spending inordinate amounts of time adjusting parameters to accommodate changing material conditions, or just dial back and run slower. 

That all changed with the adoption of Dynamic Motion technology from Mastercam. By adjusting parameters automatically with no input from the programmer, the capability has significantly reduced programming and machining time alike. This results in an even more dynamic process—one that proves that both the shop and the software capability are aptly named. Read the full story

By: Christina M. Fuges 27. February 2015

WEBINAR: Learn How Recruiting and Reshoring Can Help Fill the Skills Gap

Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative will kick off MoldMaking Technology's 2015 Educational Webinar Series on March 10th with a breakdown of evidence that shows manufacturing is returning to the U.S. and that the skilled manufacturing “professions” are a better choice for most of our youth. He'll also present tools for making the required changes in perception within your community.

One such tool is The Reshoring Initiative, which documents reshoring trends and provides ways to compare the economics of offshoring to reshoring.  Reshoring needs recruiting to provide the required quantity and quality of skilled workforce. Recruiting needs reshoring to demonstrate the wisdom of choosing a manufacturing career. Learn how you can help accelerate both trends.

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By: Christina M. Fuges 26. February 2015

New Way to Adopt Additive Manufacturing Is Recognized

Photo courtesy of Hamuel Reichenbacher.

The past couple of years has seen some major moves and advancements within the world of additive manufacturing, and one of those developments--a hybrid technology solution that offers a new way to adopt additive manufacturing for CNC operators--has just been awarded the first-ever International Additive Manufacturing Award (IAMA).

The jury for the inaugural IAMA selected Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Ltd., of the United Kingdom and Plano, Texas, as its winning submission. The award will be presented on March 6th at The MFG Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Hybrid Manufacturing’s hybrid methodology integrates directed energy deposition into a multi-axis CNC machine using a tool changer to change between processes. It can be integrated into any CNC machine to allow for metal deposition (via laser cladding), finishing and inspection of parts on a single machine.

"Hybrid technology is exciting because it offers a new way to adopt additive manufacturing – as an upgrade to a CNC machine tool.  Adding tool-changeable deposition heads to an existing CNC machine enables 3D printing of metal, without the need to buy a separate machine,” says Dr. Jason Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies. “This significantly reduces costs and provides an intuitive adoption path for CNC operators. The combination of additive with machining offers new capabilities, including in-process finishing, that cannot be delivered by either technology independently.”

The IAMA is the result of a partnership between AMT-The Association For Manufacturing Technology and VDW-Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association). AMT and VDW, with media support from Gardner Business Media and VDI Nachrichten and sponsored by the European Machine Tool Association CECIMO, announced the annual IAMA at IMTS-The International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014. 

Read more on this technology here.

By: Matthew Danford 25. February 2015

USA or Bust? Not for this Mold Manufacturer

Burteck specializes in complex tooling like this unscrewing mold. The company takes great care to hold all tooling carrying its name to the same high standard, regardless of where it's made.

I can envision certain industry folk I know turning up their noses upon hearing about a mold maker that sources approximately 60 percent of its work from China. I had the same reaction upon hearing that statistic, but I try not to judge without all the facts. As it turned out, the more I learned, the more the company’s approach made sense.

The moldmaker in question, Burteck LLC, is relatively new in the market. Founded in 2010, it has grown rapidly, largely based on what program manager John Eastham calls a “balanced” approach to global production. That rapid growth, in turn, has resulted in a dramatic expansion of the company’s U.S.-based operation in Connecticut, a fully-outfitted mold shop that provides gainful employment for 18 people and handles an increasing share of the company’s overall production. Eastham fully expects Burteck to continue that growth—and, along with it, the company’s contributions to the U.S. economy and manufacturing base. “The philosophy of ‘USA or bust’ is a very narrow-minded point of view,” he says.

Our February-issue profile tells the shop’s story. 

By: Christina M. Fuges 24. February 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Register for Amerimold!

With MMT's "Top 10 Reasons to be a MoldMaker" t-shirts in mind, our Events Department shares the "Top 10 Reasons to Pre-Register for Amerimold"

10. Discuss project and part challenges directly with leading equipment and service suppliers.

9. Pre-registration is free! Use code PreVIP.

8. Learn the latest in designing, building and maintaining molds at the Amerimold technical conference.

7. Pre-registrants receive a “Top 10 reasons to be a MoldMaker” T-Shirt.

6. New this year, Amerimold is co-located with Molding 2015, allowing for access to a broader audience.

5. Meet with tool and mold manufacturers that can help expand your business and your production.

4. Network with industry experts that can help improve your processes.

3. Learn how to make maintenance profitable and techniques on effectively machining three-dimensional parts through the NEW Workshops.

2. Research the latest tools for mold design & engineering.

And, the #1 reason to pre-registering...Find out at Amerimold June 17-18 at the Donald E. Stephens Center in Rosemont, IL.


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