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Noteworthy News: Building Blocks

Noteworthy News: Building Blocks
Moldmaking companies are the building blocks to this community, so catch up on recent news releases to see which ones are building onto their businesses through expansions, additions and new openings!

Integrity Tool & Mold Opens First Injection Molding Facility in U.S.
Integrity Mold & Tool, a world class mold manufacturer, has opened its first plastic injection molding facility in the United States, Integrity Injection Molding, Inc.

CAMM members with Windsor Rotary Club

News and Reviews from Industry Organizations, August 2018
News and reviews from the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA), the Mold Technologies Division of The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPEMTD) and Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM).

CAMM and Windsor Rotary at new Centennial Plaza

CAMM Members Contribute Skills for Windsor Rotary Centennial
Members of the Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM) contributed time and skills to create sculptures for the new Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) Centennial Plaza.

Programmer at computer station working on CAD/CAM software.

Single CAD/CAM System Delivers a Complete Process
Tebis CAD/CAM is a single software system that delivers a complete process from design to finished product with automation, simulation and individual modules.

hot runner with a QPC module

Technology Tuesday: the Latest Videos
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to see the latest video demonstrations of the latest technology and processes.

Making Molds in Mexico
Making molds in Mexico is a significant part of what Integrity Tool and Mold is focused on, and this video is perfect for illustrating how some companies are making molds in the Southern-most region of North America.

MMT Observation: Localizing Customer Service

MMT Observation: Localizing Customer Service
Just when I thought good customer service had gone the way of the dodo bird, some of the more major supplier companies within our industry are proving me wrong.

Greeting From NPE2012!

Greeting From NPE2012!
Seems like one of the happiest places on the earth this week as Sherry and I walk the show floor at NPE2012 Orlando, FL.  Early reports note that this year's event has surpassed earlier NPEs in scope and diversity, with a new venue, make-up, events and first-time participants.

Product Categories of Integrity Tool & Mold Inc.

CAD (Computer Aided Design)
CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)
CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)
Finishing Services
Injection Molds
Mold Design Services
Mold Flow and Simulation Services
Mold Maintenance & Repair Services
Prototype/Short-run/Injection Molding Services