Through-Coolant and ER-Style Saw Arbors Advance Productivity

RobbJack unveils the the through-coolant slitting saw arbor and ER-style collet integrated saw arbor, which advance productivity and common saw failures.


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RobbJack ER-style collet integrated saw arbors

Photo Credit: RobbJack

RobbJack unveils two new cutting tool-based products, the through-coolant slitting saw arbor and ER-style collet integrated saw arbor.

According to the company, the through-coolant slitting saw arbor will achieve faster and more consistent speeds and feeds, and extend tool life. Precision ground, the product is said to have 15 times the gripping force compared to conventional saw arbors. Further, they increase productivity by 200%.

It is required to use the through-coolant arbor with RobbJack’s through-coolant flanges. When used with through-coolant flanges, coolant ports will be equally distributed on each side of the saw, eliminating one of the most common failures when using solid carbide slitting saws. Equal high pressure coolant is delivered to both sides of the saw and avoids saw damage and poor performance. 

RobbJack’s solid, ER-style saw arbors have precision ground tapers and saw journals for unparalleled ease of use and advanced productivity. Snap groove fits into most standard ER clamping nuts for repeatable saw edge positioning with TIR held to 0.0002” or better. This product is offered in several tool ranges under the ER11, ER16 and ER20 collet integrated saw arbor series.