Online Employment Tool Vets and Connects Workers

FactoryFix platform automates job sourcing, maximizes job exposure and better aligns appropriate skill sets with each position’s demands.


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FactoryFix is an online platform that matches vetted manufacturing workers with companies seeking specific skill sets. Unlike conventional online job boards or recruiting services, FactoryFix reportedly provides additional value to manufacturers beyond simply suggesting candidates, such as providing a personalized career coaching experience to enhance and coordinate professional development. The platform’s technological advancements are said to also accelerate speed-to-interview and hire, translating to a lower cost per hire and access to a vast network of qualified candidates.

FactoryFix offers users automated sourcing and maximizes the exposure of jobs. The software instantly notifies the people in the network of 200K+ manufacturing professionals who are appropriate for the job. It also automatically posts the job to 100+ other job boards and social media sites to maximize applicant flow. As people apply to the job, the platform automatically scores each applicant to ensure that the employer is only spending time on applicants that are a good fit for that specific job. The platform includes easy-to-use scheduling tools for making an interview a breeze.

FactoryFix’s product further enables manufacturing professionals to set job preferences via SMS texting so that job opportunities and interviews are sent directly to them. Professionals can also set their desired pay rate, commute length, shift and more to ensure all opportunities are appropriate. The vetting process helps to align appropriate skill sets with each position’s demands and a new Talent Text chat service via an SMS messaging feature, connects applicants with managers via a text conversation, helping managers to engage directly, ease conversation flow and ensure candidates actually show up to interviews.

According to FactoryFix, its platform is a two-way mirror in that the team interfaces with professionals constantly to identify active and engaged individuals. Professionals within the database also verify the types of moldmaking tools and machines they operate, down to the make and model, enabling companies to select the best candidates that can be up and running quickly.

Accessible through an annual subscription, FactoryFix guarantees a total number of hires per year.