Mold Cleaner Uses EPA-Exempt VOC Compounds 

Slide Products’ X-EMPT mold cleaner guarantees air quality regulation compliance for plastic processors.


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Slide Products' X-EMPT mold cleaner.

Photo Credit: Slide Products

Slide Products Inc. presents X-EMPT, a mold cleaner that contains only EPA-exempt VOC compounds, guaranteeing air quality regulation compliance for plastic processors. The cleaner surpasses California Air Resource Board (CARB) standards, and like Slide’s other products, has no chlorinated solvents.

According to Slide Products President Michael Muth, X-EMPT is specifically designed to clean molds that have cooled to temperatures ranging from 32-200ºF (0-149ºC). Once it is sprayed on, the cleaner quickly removes sticky, waxy and oily buildup before evaporating; no wiping is needed.

Further, Slide Products notes that with X-EMPT, molds can be cleaned and stored within minutes, ready for the next production run. The new mold cleaner is available in 16-ounce aerosol cans (product #47410), as well as one-gallon (#47401B), five-gallon (#47405B) and 55-gallon (#47455B) containers.


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