High-Cavitation Custom Mold Bases Ensure Precise Alignment

Edro produces a variety of high-cavitation custom mold bases under temperature-controlled environments and close inspection for complete accuracy and precision.


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Edro custom mold bases.

Photo Credit: Edro

Edro Engineering and Specialty Steels, Inc. showcases its specialization in the manufacture of high-cavitation custom mold bases, designed to demonstrate precision alignment and long-lasting performance. Edro primarily produces high-cavitation stripper molds, stack molds, super structures, spin-stack molds and hot runner bases, as well as auto unwind and runnerless mold bases to exacting tolerances.

In addition to an experienced team, and use of state-of-the-art equipment, Edro employs a temperature-controlled environment to minimize plate and machine movement as final mold base tolerances are completed for product accuracy. The company also inspects all critical plates and locations in a temperature-controlled inspection room, regulated to +/- 1º of the desired mark, and laser calibrates each machine on a regular basis. These steps, says Edro, are to ensure that each feature on its mold plates are at their true location, traceable to the U.S. Bureau of Standards.