Drilling and Turning Boosted With Deep-Hole Drills, New CBN Insert Grades

DC160 Xtreme Evo drills and CBN insert grades for ISO K and H materials from Walter USA increase process reliability and material capability.


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Walter Xtreme EVO drill range

Photo Credit: Walter USA

Tooling company Walter USA announces an addition to two product ranges— its DC160 Advance drill range and CBN insert grades—that the company says will benefit both deep-hole drilling and turning. The solid carbide Xtreme Evo drills now extends to capacities of 16-30 times diameter and offer deep-hole drilling without the need for pecking, and new CBN insert grades for ISO K and H materials complete the company’s extensive CBN turning range.

Walter’s DC160 Xtreme Evo drills feature optimized coating and geometry and a thinner web with a 140° point angle, ensuring increased positioning accuracy and reduced centralized cutting forces. An additional feature, with the fourth land in an ‘advanced position’ optimizes drill guidance. Polished flutes complete the look, improving chip evacuation.

New drill grades WJ30ET (full coating) and WJ30EU (point coating) comprise the K30F fine-grained substrate and a TiSiAlCrN/AlTiN multi-layer coating. The layer structure plays a crucial rolls in the drills’ toughness, wear resistance, process reliability and performance. Drills offered in intermediate sizes and in special dimensions, on request, via Walter’s fast-delivery Xpress service.

For turning, the new CBN indexable insert grades for ISO H and ISO K materials are WBK20 for finishing cast iron and WBK30 for high metal removal rates in ISO H, and for finishing with a heavily interrupted cut. Both grades are also suitable for roughing and finishing sintered steel.

The WBK20 indexable inserts feature CBN ‘tips’ to each corner, while WBK30 is a solid CBN substrate to permit higher cutting speeds than carbide inserts. In addition, a microgeometry on the cutting edge also contributes to the insert’s high quality, productivity and process reliability. New grades offered in all of the most popular ISO sizes and radii.