Solid Carbide Drill is Designed to be Used Universally, Without Internal Coolant

Walter USA’s DC150 Perform 5 × Dc  solid carbide drill can be used universally, without internal coolant, on all materials and a broad range of workpieces.

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Walter USA has introduced the DC150 Perform 5 × Dc  solid carbide drill that can be used universally with all materials and with a broad range of workpieces. Machinists can use this new drill for small and medium batch sizes requiring high precision and process reliability. 

The new DC150 Perform 5 × Dc is designed to be used without internal coolant. The drill has high wear resistance and good chip evacuation, and geometry that includes a 140°-point angle for high-positioning accuracy.

The new drill expands the existing range of DC150 Perform variants. Until now, the DC150 Perform Line included length to diameter ranges of 3, 5, 8, and 12 x Dc, all with internal coolant capability. The new 5 x Dc for external coolant complements the existing 3 x Dc offering for external coolant and allows the end user to select the product which best fits the application and cost basis of the operation.