Combination Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes


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Brush Research Manufacturing (Los Angeles, CA) has released a full range of truly unique finishing and deburring tools for machine inline deburring (MID). The abrasive disc brushes contain a combination of ceramic and silicon carbide filament that produce maximum burr removal rates while providing an ideal surface finish at the same time. Abrasive filaments work like flexible files, conforming to part contours, wiping and filing across part edges and surfaces. Because of the linear construction, sharp new grains constantly come in contact with the work surface and wear off exposing fresh cutting particles. This provides consistent deburring action throughout the length of bristles. Nylon filaments are excellent in toughness and are moisture and chemical resistant.

These disc brushes are manufactured with a molded thermoplastic base using a tough engineering plastic to provide greater rigidity and stability with less vibration resulting in a more balanced tool that provides improved tool performance, greater process repeatability, greater safety and longer tool life. Our unique combination of Silicon Carbide and Ceramic filaments are used to allow the brushes to cut faster and last longer than any other brush on the market.

The brushes are available in two different styles: Dot Style for general purpose deburring and surface finishing applications and Turbine Style for medium and heavy deburring applications. Dot Style disc brushes are used for general purpose edge deburring and surface finishing applications. The Dot style is an economical choice for light deburring applications when short cycle times are important. Dot style brushes provide greater flexibility and allow entry into small holes and spaces with ease.  Turbine style disc brushes are ideal for medium and heavy deburring applications. The Turbine style brush has a high density fill that is ideal for short cycle times and long tool life.

Both brush styles are available in three different diameters: 100mm, 125mm and 150mm to suite a wide range of parts and finishing machinery. The brushes are available in 18mm or 38mm trim lengths to provide the perfect combination of flexibility and aggressiveness. Shorter trim lengths result in more aggressive cutting where heavy burrs are present and longer trim lengths allow irregular surfaces to be finished easily.

Both Dot style and Turbine style disc brushes are designed for use with the new “Flow Through Coolant” holder. This professional grade tool holder allows coolant to flow from the brush center instead of supplying lubricant only from the outside. Center coolant flow results in better lubricant dispersion which permits the brush to run at greater cut depths and drastically reduces heat generation. Reduced heat generation eliminates filament smearing, improves surface finish and promotes long brush life. Our holders are made using a one-piece construction that results in greatly improved balance and reduces set up cost and downtime. All tool holders are heat treated and precision ground and have a PVD coating for improved corrosion resistance and provide long life.

Typical applications include removing burrs and blending tool marks in punched and fine blanked components, deburring face milled surfaces, improving suface finish, edge radiusing and blending. Typical components finished include cylinder heads, bell housings, pump housings, gears, fine blanked parts and stamped components.

These high-performance tools create reliable, consistent and cost effective results. Nampower™ Disc Brushes are easily integrated into today's automated machinery, VMC, HMC and CNC machining centers, transfer lines and robotic cells.