Brush Seal Accelerates Replacement of Damaged Seals on Vise

The new XL6 XtraLong vise has increased clamping capacity and reduced over length, making the product an improvement over Kurt’s 640XL vise.


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Kurt Manufacturing Company designed and optimized the new XL6 XtraLong vise as an improvement over its predecessor vise, the 640XL. The XL6 XtraLong has 14.50" opening, the XL6 manual vise clamping capacity is .50” more than the 640XL vise. Kurt reduced the over length in this newer version from .42” to 24.10".

The vise was made with Finite Element Analysis (FEA). According to the company, FEA enables its engineers to perform simulations and testing before the product is created. Kurt says that FEA enabled the company to improve jaw deflection from .0012" to .0008". Another important feature of XL6 XtraLong vise is the brush seal meant to keep debris and coolant from the screw and nut assembly. The XL6 vise uses the same patented brush seal feature as the DX6 vise, which Kurt says makes the task of removing a damaged seal and installing a replacement much easier and quicker than with the older design.

The XL6 vise is available in 6 different models for the best fit for the application. The line-up includes manual, air, or hydraulic actuated models. All three models are available in standard or reverse models where the screw is located on the stationary jaw side of the vise. This reduces reach-over distance for easier part loading and provides convenient part programming in Y-axis positive direction.