PODCAST: Interview with Wepco Plastics

This shop considers the whole employee when training, and today that includes financial management at home to being a smart consumer. Learn what else makes this shop tick.
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A little gift of financial peace is something Wepco Plastics wants to share with its employees, but it’s not in the form of a bonus check, it’s a class on how to manage your money—everything from budgeting to living within your means. 

Wepco Plastics President Dave Parmelee and CFO Charlie Daniels want to offer employees the chance to attend Financial Peace University to take courses that will teach them to take control of their money, plan for their future and transform their lives.

This is something Charlie experienced with his wife 10 years ago when working through some financial challenges. They took the course and then started a local community group in which people shared their experiences and celebrated their financial successes. Charlie believes as the next generation enters the workforce, it behooves employers to better equip them to properly handle their personal finances because happy, secure people definitely make happy, more productive employees. 

“If you don't know how to manage money then money is managing you,” Charlie Daniels.




This is just one way Wepco Plastics is doing things differently. Listen in to this MoldMaking Technology/Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, as we sit down for a fun, but interesting conversation about life and work with Dave and Charlie.