Slide Products Eliminates Chlorinated Solvents from Mold Care Line

Originally titled 'Slide Products Eliminates Chlorinated Solvents from Mold Care Line'

Slide Products purged all of its chlorinated solvents from its mold care line, and it purged compounds for resins and processing applications.

Slide Products says that it has eliminated all chlorinated solvents from its line of mold care and processing products, which come in a variety of formulations, including NSF, food-approved, paintable, non-paintable and medical. Slide also purged compounds for resins and processing applications. The company’s NSF products include mold releases, mold cleaners, rust preventives and lubricants. Product titles are EconoMist, a light-duty mold release; IPA Isopropyl Alcohol cleaner, a kosher-approved solvent; Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser, which removes build-up on mold surfaces; On/Cycle mold cleaner, a multi-purpose equipment cleaner; NEXGEN, a biodegradeable cleaner; White Rhino rust preventive, a fingerprint acid neutralizer; Super Grease aerosol, a dielectric lubricant; and its counterpart, Super Grease non-aerosol. Slide Products is in booth S32045 at NPE2018.

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