New EVCO Plastics Facility to Advance Medical Molding Opportunities

Forty thousand square-foot CAL 2 facility to feature white room, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding capabilities.
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Custom plastics manufacturing company EVCO Plastics (Deforest, Wisconsin) recently purchased a new facility near CAL 1, located outside of Calhoun, Georgia. CAL 2 adds 40,000 square feet to EVCO’s facility footprint, bringing EVCO to over one million square feet of space across ten plants globally. The new facility has enabled the company to introduce white room and LSR molding opportunities to meet the demand for its medical and commercial lighting customers.

“After assessing our customers’ needs and developments within the industry, we knew it was the right time to expand our capabilities,” says Kate Bashir, director of strategy. “To do that, we needed another facility to bring those offerings to life. CAL 2 will help us meet our customers’ high expectations and long-term production goals.”

The new facility has room for 20 injection molding machines up to 500 tons, and there will be a separate room for new LSR machines. Other features of CAL 2 include:

  • Two bridge cranes for safely and efficiently setting molds in presses
  • Four material silos
  • A 22,000-square-foot white room
  • A 2,100-square-foot LSR production room
  • A 725-square-foot metrology room.

EVCO says CAL 2 will be a food-grade-compliant facility and feature highly automated lights-out production. The inclusion of a white room allows for additional medical molding opportunities, which is another new capability for the company. The facility will be fully operational in fall 2021.

In addition to CAL 2, EVCO is currently adding 13,000 square feet to its AMP facility in DeForest, Wisconsin, enabling EVCO to adjust the facility’s footprint to add more machines and increases the amount of raw materials and finished goods that can be stored onsite.

“Reaching over one million square feet is a huge milestone for us,” says Gary Fortier, director of U.S. operations. “As our customers’ needs grow, so do we. This new space allows us to create more opportunities to meet the ongoing requirements of customers, as well as the industry as a whole.”