Fast Heat Product Lines Acquired

Product lines will will remain known as Fast Heat but operate under the Spark Industries brand. All Fast Heat dealer agreements will be maintained.


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Spark Industries Chad and Manny


It was reported on Jan. 9 that Fast Heat Inc. (Elmhurst, Illinois) product lines have been acquired by long-time employees Chad Root and Manny Diaz, the entrepreneurs of Indiana-based Spark Industries LLC (Elkhart). These include Fast Heat’s ION and Pulse Hot Runner Temperature Controllers, MoldXChecker, CableXChecker, SmartMold, Cables, Service and Repairs, along with all patents, intellectual property, inventory, customer and vendor lists, backlog and rights to use the Fast Heat brand on products.

All open orders are being processed and all Fast Heat dealer agreements will be maintained. It should be noted that there are many new manufacturers sales representatives that are in the process of onboarding. All existing Fast Heat customers are encouraged to contact Chad and Manny directly via fastheat.com or calling 574-606-4243 for service and support.

Spark Industries has already launched an application engineering project to upgrade the Pulse Hot Runner Controller HMI to cover applications from 2-180 zones that benefit from I/O integration, VNC viewer control and the standard Fast Heat technologies such as Bake-Out, EvenSoak (zone managed start-up), Zone-Grouping/Mgt, Slaving, Recipe Storage, Constant Tuning PID Algorithm and Active Thermocouple Protection within an industrial-grade, simple platform. This is expected to be available by the end of Q1 2021. An advanced display option with OPC/UA is expected Q2-Q3 2021. Plans are also in place to launch a lower cost, modular controller for low cavitation applications in Q2 2021.

“We have a lot of support from customers, reps and dealers. They are expecting us to ramp up service and support along with new product development and that’s exactly what we are doing. One group that we hope to provide extra support to is the moldmaking community. Back when Fast Heat sold hot runner systems and sprue bushings, we spent a lot of time with mold makers. We hope to become a valuable resource to them again,” says Root and Diaz.