Plastikos Medical Develops 100% Resin Reuse, Recycling and Sustainability Program

Since opening last year, Plastikos Medical has doubled their press capacity and consumed approximately 160,000 lbs of raw material in 2020.

Mold Components

Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor Variants Improve Process Quality

Meusburger presents two charge transfer versions, the single and coaxial cables with matching multi-channel connectors for cavity pressure sensors.

Business Strategy

K 2019 Features Hot Topic of Recycling Management

Recycling management has become a hot topic at K 2019, the world’s leading international trade fair for plastics and rubber, to be held from October 16 – 23, 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Business Strategy

iSi Develops New Safety Plan Tool

iSi Environmental rolls out their new safety planning tool in response to OSHA’s new regulations.


NPE2018 Live Podcasts

Listen to these Live NPE2018 The Manufacturing Alliance Podcasts on MMT’s team event recap, moldmaker collaboration, additive manufacturing, molder challenges, recycling and Industry 4.0. 

Putting Recycled Plastics to Work

Haidlmair discovered that if recycling is done correctly, the difference between virgin and recycled plastic material is minimal.

North American Plastics Alliance Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

The organization aims to promote and advocate for the industry through product stewardship programs and other efforts designed to facilitate plastics recycling and energy recovery.

Everybody Benefits from Carbide Recycling

Users get paid for cutting tool scrap while also contributing to a clean environment and the overall sustainability of the metalworking industry.

Tapping into the Energy/Environmental Markets

The energy/environmental markets are broad and burgeoning for Mack Molding.

Cutting Tools

How to Get the Most Out of Carbide Recycling

By choosing the right recycling program, mold manufacturers can help sustain both the environment and their industry.

The Rodon Group Upgrades Cooling Towers: Improvements Reflect Continued Investment in U.S. Manufacturing

The Rodon Group, a custom plastic injection molder, recently upgraded their manufacturing facility with three new cooling towers as part of a continued commitment to U.S. manufacturing and environmental sustainability.

Moldmakers Can Benefit from Energy Service Companies

An energy service company (ESCO) is a professional business that provides a wide array of comprehensive energy solutions—which can encompass the design and implementation of energy savings projects, energy infrastructure outsourcing, energy conservation, energy supply and power generation.

Cutting Tools

Treatment and Disposal of Used Metalworking Fluids

With greater emphasis on fluid longevity and fluid recycling, it is important to remember that water-based metalworking fluids are "consumable" and have a finite life.

Workforce Development

Environmental Safety for Moldmakers

Compliance with environmental and OSHA regulations are not always easy, as it involves consistent effort to establish and maintain programs to ensure the health and safety of your employees.

Business Strategy

Government Geared for Greening

As a result of the signing of Executive Order 13101, manufacturers may now have to emphasize their products' positive environmental attributes more than ever before in order to maintain marketshare