Virtual Learning Is Taking Off in Moldmaking

If you were unable to attend Amerimold Connects, you can experience our version of virtual learning by watching all of the recorded live-stream presentations on the Amerimold Expo website. 
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Teams, Zoom, Go To Meeting, Skype, Go To Webinar, virtual happy hour—you name it, everyone is doing something remote these days to stay connected, to continue communication and to learn. The latter is what I want to focus on since we center most of what we do here at MoldMaking Technology (MMT) on learning by providing content on what’s new and what works in mold manufacturing.

MMT ventured into virtual learning this summer with the launch of Amerimold Connects (when COVID-19 canceled our Amerimold Expo) with an extensive menu of live and on-demand content. In case you were unable to attend this first-ever virtual event, we recorded all of the presentations that were live-streamed that week and archived them on the Amerimold Expo website for viewing. 

I believe that moving forward we will see a hybrid approach to education as well as trade shows where virtual and in-person learning work together.

Here is a look at that online lineup:

  • U.S. Moldmaking Industry Outlook: The current state, manufacturers’ response to COVID-19 and supply chain changes.
  • 2020 Plastics Industry Outlook: Insights on the plastics marketplace and the supply chain affecting moldmakers.
  • 2020 Metalworking Industry Outlook: Insights on the metalworking marketplace and an overview of AMT’s new Supply Chain program.
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on the Future of Manufacturing: Gardner Business Media editors discuss the impact of the coronavirus on efficiencies, lead times, workforce, supply chain, industry 4.0, automotive and 3D printing.
  • Lessons Learned in Today’s Business Environment: Mold builders share how they navigate today’s business conditions, best practices, lessons learned and areas of opportunity.
  • 30 Best Practices in 30 Minutes on Ways to Improve Efficiencies: Five leading mold builders deliver 30 great tips and ideas for improving efficiencies with regards to technology, workforce development and business management.
  • Getting Real Data: This panel offers three distinct but complementary sources of opinion and experience to demonstrate the various sources, types and uses of data, and provides a practical list of specific electronic data and documented best practices to recognize, record, store, access, evaluate, share and apply to help build a better tool for the entire supply chain.
  • Tool Room Live! Witness Preventative Maintenance In Action: A live hot runner mold PM while walking through the eight stages of repair, common mold and part defects and corrective actions.
  • Cybersecurity & Manufacturing: A to-do list of what shops can do to bolster their defenses when it comes to securing a mold-building operation.
  • Time to Rethink the Moldmaking & Molding Supply Chain: A look at how and why shorter supply chains are more reliable and more competitive today.
  • A Conversation with OEM Tooling Experts on Purchasing Trends: Ernie Green Industries and Husqvarna share what they are looking for in tooling/molding vendors, needs, expectations, supply chain trends, and COVID-19 impact.

To view the videos click here.

Another recent example of what’s possible with virtual learning also brought on by COVID-19 is the mold design program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Check out the article to see how the instructors of this plastics program quickly pivoted to give their students the mold design education they expected but with a twist.

I believe that moving forward we will see a hybrid approach to education as well as trade shows where virtual and in-person learning work together. If you come across a successful virtual learning model, be sure to share it with me, so we can continue to improve the learning experiences we provide in the future.


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