Space-Saving VMC



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Doosan’s new VC430 vertical machining center features a 25 Hp motor that generates up to 12,000 rpm at the spindle and 123.6 ft-lbs of torque.  The result is a pocket sized powerhouse that cuts deep into hard materials, holds tenths precision, and produces mirror finishes.  

The VC430 is equipped with a 180o rotating pallet table.  Because the table is stationary during operation, work pieces can be loaded on one side while parts are machined on the other.  Each side of the pallet measures 28.0”x18.7” with a 660 lb. load capacity.  Table indexing time, including clamp and unclamp, is a quick 5 seconds.

The spindle is mounted directly to the Fanuc spindle motor for rapid acceleration/deceleration and reduced vibration during high-speed operation.  ISO #40 tools are housed in a 40-station, double-arm magazine with 1.3 second tool-to-tool times.  The ATC’s bi-directional magazine automatically selects the shortest path to minimize out-of-cut times.   The dual-contact Big Plus tool mounting system provides direct contact between the machine spindle face and tool holder flange face.  The greater rigidity results in superior precision and longer tool life.

The VC430 is constructed with a one-piece Meehanite casting that’s heavily ribbed to withstand the heat and forces associated with heavy cutting conditions.  This design provides a uniform load to the guideways, ball screws and motors.  Linear motion guideways and high speed servomotors enable high rapid-axis movements, with traverses of 1574 ipm along the X and Y axes, and 1259 ipm along the Z.

A 66 gallon coolant tank is isolated from the machine bed to prevent heat transfer and possible thermal distortion.  Flood cooling and through-the-spindle cooling are standards; a coolant chiller is optional.  Automatic lubrication to all guideways and ball screws is delivered by piston distributors that precisely meter the lubricant volume.  

The machine features a compact 116.5” x 93.3” footprint.  The controller is a DOOSAN-Fanuc i series.