“Riding” the Mold Maintenance Highway!

This year’s amerimold saw the debut of an aisle devoted to mold maintenance equipment and products, which was organized by Progressive Components.


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Companies like ToolingDocs, Blue Wave Ultrasonics, Slide Products, Rocklin Manufacturing Co. and Cold Jet showcased a number of mold cleaning technologies—including ultrasonic cleaning equipment, mold cleaning services, welding services and mold cleaners and rust preventatives. Both exhibitors and attendees alike were pleased to have these companies located in one place.

Slide Products President Michael Muth told me, “I was quite surprised and pleased with the results from the Mold Maintenance Highway. It was a classic example of Aristotle’s quote of ‘The Whole being greater than the sum of its parts’.  The collective efforts of six exhibitors drawing in attendees made for a vastly more successful show, with Slide Products having collecting three times as many shows leads as we usually draw from similar trade shows.”

Muth added that both the quality and quantity of the leads generated surpassed his expectations. “In addition to the list of general leads generated, we returned from those two show days with 15 prospects needing immediate attention and contacting.”