Popular Posts: December 2019

We know you were probably too busy with holiday activities, so here are December 2019’s top five moldmaking articles! 


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Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is winding down and the new year is fast approaching, why not take a second to relax and read up on the top five posts from the month of December. We know you were probably too busy with holiday activities to catch them on MoldMaking Technology’s blog, so we’re posting them again for you, right here! 


When Is 3D Printing Cost Effective?


Digging into metal additive manufacturing quickly reveals how expensive it can be, as some parts produced using incumbent technologies, such as laser sintering and binder jetting, can cost thousands of dollars. If there's one lesson Matt Sand, President of 3DEO, a Los Angeles, California-based metal AM parts supplier, has learned over the last few years, it's that cost is everything when it comes to serial production.

“If you're not in the ballpark on cost, you might as well not even play the game because there's no way to get into production without being cost competitive with conventional manufacturing techniques,” Sand says. “If you are not cost competitive, you're not at the table,” So, to get the total cost structure down, 3DEO developed an end-to-end manufacturing process around Intelligent Layering, a very low-cost metal additive manufacturing technology the company’s founders invented. Based on binder jetting technology, Intelligent Layering uses a proprietary spray system to bind the entire layer, and then uses a CNC end mill to cut the perimeter of the part and any internal features. (Read more about 3DEO’s technology and company strategy.)

Although 3DEO’s Intelligent Layering process offers a new take on additive, the company’s differentiator is that “we are not trying to sell machines, we’re only selling parts,” Sand says. The competition for its additive process is not metal 3D printing; it's traditional manufacturing. 3DEO is competing against CNC machining and metal injection molding and is already cost competitive with both of these technologies when it comes to small and complex metal parts, according to Sand.

There are three key factors he considers in determining whether it will be cost-effective to 3D print a given part.

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3 Lessons from a Professional Development Day at Cardinal Manufacturing

The Cardinal Manufacturing Team and Founder/Technology Education Instructor Craig Cegielski hosted a workshop for high school teachers called “Starting or Growing Your School-Based Enterprise Workshop.” As this was my first visit to a revenue-generating high-school program like this, Cardinal Manufacturing far exceeded my expectations. While I attended this workshop to learn how my local high school (Plainfield High School) and I could adapt something similar, there are three key findings I want to share with the entire moldmaking community: (1) student safety, (2) program sustainability and (3) community.

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