Moldmaker Makes Its Single Largest Capital Investment Ever

Since winning MMT's 2013 Leadtime Leader Award Honorable Mention this mold builder has not stopped growing. Investment planning for its new automated work cell that is set to be installed later this summer began a year ago.


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Since winning MMT's 2013 Leadtime Leader Award Honorable Mention this Micro Mold/Plastikos of Erie, Pennsylvania, has not stopped growing.  Initial research and planning for this investment began last summer and was approved by the company's leadership team in the Fall.  

Ryan Katen, Micro Mold’s GM, says "Micro Mold views its investment in cutting-edge technology as critical to staying competitive in the precision mold building industry.  We feel that this investment is just one step towards fulfilling our vision of continuous innovation through technology advancement.”

The cell includes a brand-new DMG MORI five-axis CNC milling center and a System 3R Workmaster robot.

When asked how customers will benefit from investments such as these? Katen says that it all boils down to the concept that “time is money”. "Ultimately, our customers will benefit from reduced leadtimes and improved time-to-market performance." 

Over the last five years, Micro Mold has invested more than $1.5 million into facility and equipment upgrades. They also continue to train and invest heavily into its workforce. Currently, they have three employees who are in various stages of their apprenticeships with hands-on training.

In conjunction with Micro Mold’s new five-axis machining center, Plastikos completed its own large-scale investment in automation and high-speed robotic centers throughout its injection molding production facility this past November.