Mold Cooling Design Made Easy

We invite you to sit at your desk on March 12th at 2pm to learn how to quickly create complex water circuits, place cooling components, install baffles at various depths, and analyze circuits and cooling results.


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Every shop strives to do its design work better and faster. Extra time spent on each facet of mold design adds up to additional time and cost to the bottom line. Cooling is one specific area in mold design that can now be done quicker and more efficiently than ever before.  Register to attend this March 12th, 2pm webinar presented by MoldMaking Technology and Cimatron Technologies to learn how your mold cooling design can be made easy. 

You will see quick creation of complex water circuits, speedy placement of cooling components using a rich set of catalogs, fast installation of many baffles at various depths, how to analyze the circuit (for correct water path) and cooling analysis results.

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