Gimme a Break .. I Mean, Take a Break


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Take a break this Wednesday afternoon and join MMT as we host a webinar to show you how some winning mold shops are molding good parts at first shot.

Many plastic parts are challenging to mold within tolerance on the first, second and sometimes third shot. Many factors affect the shrink and warp of the part. Because of the traditionally high cost of simulation, many shops still opt for machining the cavity to a steel safe condition, molding the part and then reworking the mold according to the deformation. In this webinar you will learn how some shops have found a cost-effective means of simulation and easy modification of the mold geometry.

See how shops are able to:
• Utilize cost-effective CAE tools
• Use Advanced Warping tools to modify geometry with a deformation compensation
• Use efficient toolpathing with multiple surface offset groups to minimize CAD work
• Provide shorter lead times to their customers
• Advertise this capability as a value-added service

The presenter will be John Barnes, Sales Engineer for Cimatron. John has been in the mold making industry for 20 years and has worked in each department of a mold shop. His well-rounded experience has helped to provide insight for continuous improvement in many facets of the mold making process. John's role at Cimatron has also varied from technical support, applications engineering and sales.

For more information click here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/854615025