F&S Tool Builds 16-Cavity Tool for Co-Injection



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Food and beverage containers sometimes require barriers to protect the product and ensure a long shelf life. These barriers are typically created using glass, metal or plastic, with liners or multiple layers. Co-injection technology is a revolutionary alternative to these traditional packaging methods. Co-injection leads to cost reduction through part consolidation, enhance product performance through barrier functionality, sustainability by reducing part weights and allowing for more brand or packaging differentiation.

IRIS co-injection is achieved via the combination and integration of five key technology elements supplied by Mold-Masters.

(1) IRIS compact co-injection nozzle

(2) iFlow manifold technology that combines melt streams and provides balanced fill

(3) E-Drive valve-gate control of the opening and closing movements of the servo-actuated valve-gate pins to achieve fast cycle times and precise cavity fill

(4) M2 TempMaster hot runner temperature control

(5) Mold mounted E-Multi auxiliary injection unit located close to the gates

AT NPE2012 F&S Tool (Erie, PA) designed and built a mold for a live demonstration of Mold-Masters new IRIS co-injection technology. The 16-cavity mold produces a part that is a tamper evident, linerless, hot fill HDPE cap for a beverage container with an integrated oxygen and CO2 barrier. This co-injection mold incorporates a patent pending cooling system and produces co-injected parts within designated tolerances, with near perfect threads at a cycle time of 4.2 seconds.