FREE WEBINAR: Is Industry 4.0 Hype or Necessity?

MoldMaking Technology and Tebis America partnered up to present this free webinar on how to optimize shop floor production by being digitally connected and in control of processes.


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If your shop builds molds and you place a device on each one so that you and/or your customer can monitor production cycles for proactive maintenance purposes, you are using data to optimize production. That is a component of Industry 4.0.

If you use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to streamline and better manage the movement of jobs and the use of equipment and supplies through your shop, data is helping you achieve your goals. That is a component of Industry 4.0.

Large and small shops around the world are embracing components that factor into what Industry 4.0 represents: data-driven manufacturing. 

To get past the hype and learn more about Industry 4.0, join us on September 10 at 2PM EST for a FREE webinar presented by Tebis America and MoldMaking Technology. 

Michael Thiessen, Sales Manager for Tebis America, will talk about the importance of optimization, being digitally connected and controlling the process of your manufacturing chain. Primary topics include:

  • Virtual manufacturing possibilities
  • Simulation and prediction of machining issues while programming
  • In-process quality control - Full availability of quality issues at the time of milling
  • Manufacturing Data Information Systems - stay in control of delays during manufacturing


Michael Thiessen is the Sales Manager for Tebis America. Michael has over twenty five years of experience in Machining / CAD CAM technologies, and has been with Tebis America for over fifteen years holding various positions. His experience in cutting technologies, manufacturing processes, the Tebis software solution and his ability to advise and guide clients have benefited hundreds of companies.

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