CMM with High-Performance Control and Scanning



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The STRATO-Apex® CMM from Mitutoyo America Corp. (Aurora, IL) combines an advanced structure with newly-developed high-performance control and scanning technologies. The result is faster drive speeds, higher acceleration, and a CMM that is a productivity leader in the 1μm class, according to the company.

The extremely rigid STRATO-Apex® CMM structure incorporates vibrationdampening, auto-leveling air springs and compensation technology to support acceleration of 2,598mm/s2 (3D), 0.23g (3D) and measuring scan speeds up to 3mm/s. It features digital servo system control loops for position, speed, and current, making it easy to implement various types of control algorithms.

The ultra-high accuracy measurement units installed on each axis of the STRATOApex® consist of high-performance reflective linear encoders that utilize ultra-high precision crystallized glass scales which exhibit virtually no thermal expansion (coefficient of linear expansion of 0.01 x 10-5/°C). Software packages include GEOPAK®, a high-functionality general-purpose measurement program, which is at the heart of MCOSMOS® (Mitutoyo Controlled Open System for Modular Operation Support) software. MCOSMOS® supports virtually every CAD format while providing routines for in-line measurement, data feedback and process management.



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