Association Update: The Canadian Association of Mold Makers

The Canadian Association of Mold Makers announces strategic partnerships with like organizations in India.


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The Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM) reported it has taken a significant step toward forging an alliance between the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corp., the CAMM and the Engineering Export Promotion Council of India and Tools and Gauge Manufacturer’s Association of India.

The organizations signed two memorandums of understanding to establish partnerships and collaborations on business opportunities both globally and in the Indian market. CAMM President Jonathan Azzopardi (Laval International) told the Windsor Star, “The signing of the agreements between TAGMA, EEPC and CAMM is the first step to bringing two already successful industrial economies together to build partnerships focused on harnessing the strengths of our two industries to create a mould making superpower on a global scale.”

In addition, the CAMM announced that it has established Automate Canada, which will be a separate arm of the CAMM representing companies specializing in manufacturing automation solutions. A long time in the making, Automate Canada will be a national association based in Windsor, Ontario, Azzopardi says.

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