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Hot Runner Device Stops Material “Drool”
MoldMaking Technology

Melt Design Inc. offers a hot runner shut-off device that does not require a special machine nozzle tip.

What's "Cool" at amerimold?
MoldMaking Technology

Well, the new CoolCross Z99/ for one, which opens up a range of completely new possibilities for the designer when it comes to designing cooling systems for injection molds. This technology is on display on the show floor in a special setup with plexiglass and water to show the CoolCross live.

Hot Runner Temp Controller Adds Touchscreen Display
MoldMaking Technology

Fast Heat, amerimold 2014 Booth 626

Taking Control
MoldMaking Technology

How to gain better control over the molding process and solve common part defects.

Valve-Pin Technology Enables Direct Gating onto Film
MoldMaking Technology

Incoe, amerimold 2014 Booth 130

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Hot Runners

Hot runners are the systems in place that deliver the material into the mold to make the part. These systems consist of hot halves, nozzles, gates and temperature controllers—all of which must be monitored, maintained and cleaned for optimal performance and to guarantee a quality end product.
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