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Hot Runner Design Considerations
MoldMaking Technology

Evaluating system design can help avoid potential problems down the road.

DME Brings Mold Technologies Expertise Closer to Molders and Moldmakers in Mexico
MoldMaking Technology

Querétaro facility to provide mold components, hot runners and direct support to customers.

Husky Announces Global Organizational Changes
MoldMaking Technology

Global organizational changes create dedicated medical and specialty packaging business.

Husky Hot Runner Controller Covers as Many as 128 Zones
MoldMaking Technology

Husky Injection Molding Systems has added to its family of Altanium hot runner temperature controllers.

Synventive Hot Runner Systems Offer Molders Greater Process Control
MoldMaking Technology

Synventive Molding Solutions will display its latest advanced flow control hot runner systems in Booth 4080 at Plastec West.

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Hot Runners

Hot runners are the systems in place that deliver the material into the mold to make the part. These systems consist of hot halves, nozzles, gates and temperature controllers—all of which must be monitored, maintained and cleaned for optimal performance and to guarantee a quality end product.
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