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Initial Pellet Contact is the Screw
MoldMaking Technology

Here’s what every moldmaker should know about an injection molding machine’s reciprocating screw, which is often misunderstood and applied to the process incorrectly.

Slideshow: Hot Runner Technology
MoldMaking Technology

Check out some of the latest in hot runner technology.

No More Cooling Required
MoldMaking Technology

Moldmakers and molders can increase mold uptime using today’s cooling-free valve gate actuators.

Direct-Gating Technology Eliminates Need for Cold Runner
MoldMaking Technology

Husky Injection Molding Systems’ Ultra SideGate hot runner is designed for direct-gating of parts that would otherwise require gating with a cold runner.

HTT-type Nozzle Tips Boost Material Flow
MoldMaking Technology

Incoe’s HTT-type nozzle tips is are designed to provide optimal material flow in the tip and systematic temperature control in the hot runner gate area, which are said to be particularly important for achieving even filling and clean separation at de-molding when the injection mold features a large number of cavities.

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Hot Runners

Hot runners are the systems in place that deliver the material into the mold to make the part. These systems consist of hot halves, nozzles, gates and temperature controllers—all of which must be monitored, maintained and cleaned for optimal performance and to guarantee a quality end product.
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