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Hot Runner Design Considerations
Evaluating system design can help avoid potential problems down the road. more (+)


Meusburger Announces Acquisition of PSG Plastic Service GmbH
MoldMaking Technology

The Austrian standard parts manufacturer takes over the German hot runner specialist

Brass Manifolds Suited for Caustic Conditions
MoldMaking Technology

On display in the DMS and PCS booths will be Kool Flow Manifold’s FB2 Series brass manifolds, which feature 1" NPT inlets and 3/8" NPT outlets, and are said to be well-suited for caustic, high-pH environments.

Schöttli wins Becton Dickinson’s Process Innovation Supplier of the Year award
MoldMaking Technology

Schöttli, a Husky Company, wins Becton Dickinson’s Process Innovation Supplier of the Year award

Valve Sequence Controller Handles as Many as 8 Gates
MoldMaking Technology

Well-suited for valve-gated applications that do not require sensors or linear transducer control, Incoe’s GSCmini valve sequence controller can identify and control the sequential status of as many as eight gates.

Pre-Assembled Manifold System Saves Installation Time
MoldMaking Technology

The Unify hot runner manifold system from Husky Injection Molding Systems is designed to be installed into a mold in one-step, without the need for preheating.

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Hot Runners

Hot runners are the systems in place that deliver the material into the mold to make the part. These systems consist of hot halves, nozzles, gates and temperature controllers—all of which must be monitored, maintained and cleaned for optimal performance and to guarantee a quality end product.
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