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Hot Runner Design Considerations
Evaluating system design can help avoid potential problems down the road. more (+)


Hot Runners Designed to be User-Friendly, Reliable
MoldMaking Technology

Polyshot Corp. manufactures hot runner systems that are designed to be user-friendly and reliable.

Valve Gate System Controls Pressure and Flow Rate
MoldMaking Technology

INglass’ HRSFlow brand offers the FlexFlow servo-driven valve gate, designed for accurate and repeatable control of pressures and flow rates for sequential molding applications.

Hot Runner Maker Focuses on Sequential Valve Gate Systems
MoldMaking Technology

Runipsys North America offers large and medium hot runner systems for automotive applications, with a focus on sequential valve gate systems.

The Designer's Edge: Hydraulics for Slides, Ejection or Cores
MoldMaking Technology

Randy discusses tips and tricks for avoiding mold downtime when it comes to hydraulics for slides, ejection or cores and hot runner plugs or connections.

Improving Sequential Molding
MoldMaking Technology

For large injection-molded parts, a servo-driven valve gate system can improve surface finish and part performance.

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Hot Runners

Hot runners are the systems in place that deliver the material into the mold to make the part. These systems consist of hot halves, nozzles, gates and temperature controllers—all of which must be monitored, maintained and cleaned for optimal performance and to guarantee a quality end product.
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