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INCOE®'s goal is to provide the very best price/performance hot runner system technology available supported by global service and support.


  Founded in 1958, INCOE® Corporation designs and manufactures hot runner systems with exceptional performance for processing of all injection moldable plastic materials.

As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Incoe slim DF 5 nozzle

Slim Nozzles Allow for Tight Pitch Spacing
Incoe will present its slim DF 5 nozzle, which features a 5-mm flow channel and slim base heater.

INCOE Announces New Global Headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan
Incoe Corporation USA announced that it plans to construct a new 135,000-square-foot global headquarters facility to be located within Oakland Technology Park in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Technology Tuesday: Hot Runners and Mold Components
This week’s Tech Tuesday blog brings readers a review of several products announced during the last few weeks, namely hot runner and mold componentry.

Incoe slim DF 12 nozzle

Slim Nozzles Allow Pinpoint Accuracy for Molding in Tight Spaces
Incoe’s slim DF 12 nozzle features small outer dimensions and simplified mold cutout, enabling pinpoint injection accuracy into tight spaces.

Incoe Receives Safety Award
Incoe is recognized for safety in the workplace for 2015 - 2016.

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, MMT Surprise
This week's slideshow is an MMT 'Surprise' Showcase, editor’s picks for the week.

Cylinder Allows In-Mold Pin Adjustment
At Plastec West / MD&M West, February 7-9, in Anaheim, California, Incoe will display its small, hydraulically actuated HEM cylinder, which allows the shut-off valve pin to be adjusted in the mold without removal of the mold top clamp plate.

Incoe Corp. Named A Top Place to Work in Michigan
From more than 4,000 participating organizations nationwide, Incoe Corp. is recognized as among Michigan's top 100 workplaces for 2016.

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, After K
By all accounts K 2016 was a success. According to show management, attendees were delighted with the wealth of new technical developments presented by raw materials producers, machinery manufacturers and producers of semi-finished and technical parts. Here are some technology highlights.

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Hot Runners and Mold Components
Take a look at this week's slideshow to see products that make building and/or maintaining molds more efficient and cost-effective.

Incoe GSCmini valve sequence controller

Valve Sequence Controller Handles as Many as 8 Gates
Well-suited for valve-gated applications that do not require sensors or linear transducer control, Incoe’s GSCmini valve sequence controller can identify and control the sequential status of as many as eight gates.

Slideshow: Hot Runner Technology
Check out a few of the latest products in hot runner technology.

Sequential Controller Actuates Up to 8 Valve Gates
Among the melt delivery technologies Incoe Corp. will display is its GSC-Mini valve-gate sequence controller.

Slideshow: Amerimold 2015 Preview
Considered THE event for mold manufacturing, Amerimold covers many facets of the industry, from its exhibits to its technical conference. Here's a small sampling of what will be highlighted for attendees.

Reduce Part Failure with Melt Delivery Science
The best way to determine when naturally balanced, rheological managed and thermally balanced hot runner solutions are required as a single solution is to examine the science behind each approach.

Slideshow: NPE2015 Preview
Here's a sampling of what visitors to the show can expect to see.

Mini Hydraulic Valve Gate Cylinder Offers Closer Gate Spacing
Incoe Corp. offers its HEM miniature hydraulic valve gate cylinder, which allows closer spacing of gating points and creates enough space for supply lines as well.

Product Focus Slideshow: Hot Runners
The Product Focus in the February issue of MoldMaking Technology highlights a number of hot runner technologies.

Slideshow: Hot Runner Technology
Check out some of the latest in hot runner technology.

HTT-type Nozzle Tips Boost Material Flow
Incoe’s HTT-type nozzle tips is are designed to provide optimal material flow in the tip and systematic temperature control in the hot runner gate area, which are said to be particularly important for achieving even filling and clean separation at de-molding when the injection mold features a large number of cavities.

Product Categories of Incoe Corporation

Hot Halves
Hot Runner Manifolds
Hydraulic Valve Gate Nozzles
Mold Flow and Simulation Software
Pneumatic Valve Gate Nozzles
Temperature Controls, Monitors, Sensors
Thermal Edge Gate Nozzles
Thermal Hot Tip Nozzles
Thermal Multi-Gate Nozzles
Valve Gate Controllers
Valve Gate Sequencers