Tap Range Now Features UNC Thread Dimensions

Walter introduces UNC thread dimensions to its Paradur HT HSS-E blind-hole tap range to increase chip control and process reliability.


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Walter has expanded its Paradur HT HSS-E blind-hole tap range by adding UNC thread dimensions. The tap range was previously available in dimensions M4-M36 and M10×1-M33×2. Walter has expanded the range of the taps to include dimensions UNC 1/4-UNC 1. These new HSS-E taps are designed for cutting deep threads of up to 3.5 x DN and include features such as straight flutes, axial through coolant and a TiN coating.

According to the company, the specially-designed geometry of the Paradur HT tap range affords excellent chip control. Axial through coolant reliably flushes short chips out of blind holes. Paradur HT is suited for machining steel with tensile strength of 98-200 kpsi (200-410 HB) and for cast iron, especially for GJS (GGG). Walter designed Paradur HT for high-process reliability and to reduce machine downtime for production environments using minimal manpower.


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